Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

In 1996 an act called the health insurance portability and accountability act was passed by congress.

Health InsuranceThis act requires all health care transactions to be uniquely identified and helps protect the insurance coverage of those who lose their job or change jobs. The act allows children from the ages of 12 to have privacy as well, even from their own parents. The provider they speak with is limited in regards to the information they can share with the child’s caregiver without the child’s permission. This portion of the act was met with some degree of concern, but ultimately it was decided that it was in the best interest of the children to have some privacy concerning information they should discuss with a doctor, without fear of repercussions at home. This was also the start of transferring healthcare information and history files to electronic data sources instead of traditional paper files kept in medical offices.

One very important aspect of the health insurance portability and accountability act deals with the issue of pre-existing illnesses. Before this act, if someone had a pre-existing illness an insurance company could refuse to cover them. However, the health insurance portability and accountability act contains a portion that states if someone has a medical condition and needs to be covered on a new health insurance plan, the health insurance company cannot refuse to cover them if they have had coverage within a reasonable time frame – typically that means coverage within 63 days of the start of the new insurance plan. If it has been longer than that, the company may be able to refuse to cover a pre-existing illness.

For this reason it is still a good idea to prevent a lapse in insurance coverage if at all possible. For many people the idea of a pre-existing illness not being covered means nothing, but to those who must live with chronic conditions, it can mean the difference between getting the care they need to get better and live comfortable and living in pain every day and potentially getting worse because they are unable to get the care they need due to lack of insurance coverage and inability to pay out of pocket for their medical expenses.

In the past, the only way of storing medical information was by keeping paper files at a doctor’s office.

Unfortunately, this left important patient files at risk to damage from things like fires, floods, and theft. Even under lock and key there was always the possibility that information could fall into the wrong hands without much difficulty. If a group of teenagers broke into the office, for instance, they could have the private information of the entire town in their hands.

The health insurance portability and accountability act set the stage for medical information to be transferred to electronic databases that could easily and quickly be backed up.

If for some reason a database became damaged, the information would still be available if and when needed. This act also stated that there would be penalties given to the providers that did not take every precaution possible to protect the private information of their patients. If computer monitors are viewable to the public or unauthorized personnel can access information with relative ease, action will be taken. The information kept electronically can only be given out with a patient’s consent. Relative information concerning billing and treatment needed may be given out when needed, but standards do apply to the release of this information. The act protects the private information of individuals’ medical needs.

Health Insurance Information

Health insurance exists to help people pay for medical expenses.

Medicare LeadsThese expenses can be impossible to predict because people never know when they are going to get ill or have an emergency come up. The financial impact of these situations can be life changing. If people are unable to pay out of pocket or another form of financing is not available to cover the needed care, they either have to go without or face the financial consequences for years to come. Health insurance aids in the payment of these expenses. It can be purchased privately by an individual, purchased or provided by an employer, or be one of several publically available options generally available through the government. Programs such as Medicare and welfare are forms of health insurance that exists to help people who cannot afford insurance coverage cover their medical needs. With these types of programs, people with more medical needs will receive a greater coverage benefit than people that are generally healthy.

The funds for these public programs are spread out to cover as many people as possible and are paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Health insurance can also cover things such as disability, when a person cannot work, or other necessary care that would not otherwise be provided but is needed by someone.

The number of people covered by insurance has steadily been dropping.

People are unable to find jobs or find jobs that are only part time or do not offer benefits. Sometimes, people find jobs that offer insurance but the premiums are so high that they are unable to afford to pay them and still pay other household bills such as their rent or mortgage payment or other bills. Although health insurance is available to be purchased through insurance companies by individuals directly, the premiums for this are also often extremely high and very few people can afford this. Less than 10% of people with insurance opt to pay for it on their own, without the insurance plan being sponsored by their employer. The two most common types of coverage are health insurance plans offered by employers and the plans offered by the government to help those who can’t get insurance through another means.

It is becoming more and more common for those people that do manage to get health insurance coverage to feel under insured as well. They are able to get some coverage in place but it may not cover preventative care or emergencies, which still leaves the covered person vulnerable to financial hardship and promotes people to ignore medical needs in order to save money. It has been discovered that people without insurance coverage are more likely to live shorter lives than those people who have insurance coverage. Things like preventative care do not get obtained by these people and medical conditions that could be treated if caught early, are allowed to develop to the point that nothing can be done.

Another situation that often occurs is that people do not feel they can retire, even after putting many years of hard work in at a company.

If they company offers insurance, the person often feels they must continue to work so that they can keep affordable insurance coverage. If someone retires, they will often have to find their own insurance and pay entirely out of pocket, which increases premiums drastically. Couples may also be forced to keep the younger or healthier spouse employed to keep insurance for the household when, if it weren’t for the insurance needs, they could both retire and enjoy the remainder of their lives spending time with family and enjoying their hobbies after putting so many years in to the work force.

HMO Basics

It is easy to get confused when the subject of health insurance comes up.

HMO and final expense leadsOne common abbreviation that often confuses people is HMO. HMO stands for health maintenance organization. This organization takes care of managing the care between set groups of providers and insurance benefits provided by a health insurance plan. One point of importance with a health maintenance organization is that no matter what, emergency care will be covered. If you can’t make it to a contracted provider, you can still get the emergency care you need.

Usually if you select an HMO plan you will choose a main doctor to act as your primary care physician. You will go to this doctor for your medical needs and have them guide you for anything else you need, as a standard practice. This doctor needs to refer you for any other services you need for medical care and it must be within the regulations of the HMO plan. This prevents patients from being sent to get unnecessary procedures and also prevents the insurance company from paying for cosmetic procedures that are masked as medical procedures. Having a set network of providers helps control the costs that individuals must deal with because arrangements have been made between the health plan and the provider so that everyone benefits, including the patient.

Often times the providers that are part of a health maintenance organization will have practices that include groups of doctor’s with different specialties. This helps streamline patient care and documentation. You may find a primary care physician in the same building as a pediatric specialist and a mental health specialist so patients can be referred easily to the care they need at any point in time.

An HMO is directly involved, or more involved, with people that have extraordinary needs. Individuals with chronic diseases or cancer diagnosis are going to receive more direct help from the HMO because they need a higher level of medical care than someone that is just being seen for preventative maintenance or a sinus infection. The more minor medical needs will be reviewed as part of a physician review and doesn’t require special attention. However, with sever medical needs, the extra involvement makes sure the patient gets as much care as possible and that the care they receive will help as best medical care is able to help them. A manager will be assigned to the case to make sure that procedures are not overlapping to prevented wasted time and money, improving the patients chances of getting adequate health care in a timely manner, which means they will get better faster and not have to suffer unnecessarily. Many people believe that HMO programs are overly controlling and restrict what a patient can do. However, these people often do not have a full understanding of what a health management organization is or the services they provide to those who utilize them. For many, it is an ideal way to handle health care.

A health maintenance organization regularly reviews the physicians in its network to see how the care they are giving relates to other physicians of the same type.

Is the physician giving more services or less? How is the quality of care? This makes sure only things that are within the standards of the HMO are being executed and covered by the plan and also makes sure that the patients are not being refused services that should be covered. The health management organization exists to protect the patient and the provider both.

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Understanding a High Deductible Health Plan

The world of insurance is constantly changing and a vast area. A new insurance option nowadays is a High Deductible Health Plan, often referred to as HDHP.

Final Expense Insurance LeadsThis type of plan offers a much lower premium rate than most standard health plans. Typically a high deductible health plan will offer you discounted rates for services rendered at a doctor’s office or hospital, but still requires you to pay out of pocket until you reach you deductible amount. Some HDHP plans will offer wellness incentives that allow you to get preventative care at no cost, or very little cost, but not all of them offer this so it is important to make sure you understand exactly what the plan offers. In 2012 the lowest deductible on one of these types of insurance plans was $1,200 for an individual and $2,400 for a family with the maximum amount being paid by the individual out of pocket is just over $6000 and $12000 for a family. It should also be noted that, just like with a standard insurance plan, there are in network doctors and out of network doctors. In network doctors will offer you the most coverage and benefit from your high deductible plan while using an out of network doctor can significantly increase what you have to pay out of your own money.

One major benefit of a high deductible health plan is that it allows you to get a special account called a health savings account. Money that is deposited in to a health savings account is tax free. It is usually deposited from your employer when they issue your payroll check. This money, unlike a flex spending account, is yours to keep should you change employers during the year or become unemployed for any reason. Once the money is there, it stays there and stays with you. It also rolls over year to year and accumulates, a notable advantage over a flex spending account. A flex spending account can only be used during a certain time frame year to year and you do not keep the money if you leave your employer for any reason. If you do not spend the money you have on a flex spending account, you simply lose it.

Money on a health savings account can only be used for medical expenses and cannot be withdrawn for a cash value.

At one time the money could be used to purchase over the counter medicines such as allergy medicine and pain relievers but that options is no longer available. The medical expenses the health savings account can pay for must be directly to a doctor or hospital. Alternately it can be used at a pharmacy for prescriptions, including some over the counter medicines – but they must have been prescribed by a doctor. It is important to save all your receipts if you use a health spending account or a flex spending account. This allows you to prove your purchase was within the regulations should it be questioned.

The tax savings of this type of account make it an ideal way to save money while still being able to cover medical expenses incurred before meeting your deductible on a HDHP and since there is no penalty or risk of losing the money if you do not use it right away, it is an ideal way to make sure you have a savings account for unexpected medical expenses that could otherwise prove to be devastating to you or your family.

About Final Expense Sales and Leads

Most insurance agents dislike trying to find new leads for prospective clients.

Life Insurance SalesCold calling can seem like a waste of time with very few, if any, sales resulting from many hours spent on the phone. Campaigns such as direct mail can quickly become expensive with a very small rate of return. Generating new and eager potential sales is one of the most frustrating aspects of final expense sales. There are a small handful of agents in the market that excel at finding prospects, some even enjoy it. These people typically have the best career return in profit and satisfaction.  However, most people, just like you, hate this aspect of their job. Luckily for you, companies exist that will help you generate new prospects and increase your profit.

The key to your success is quality expense leads rather than quantity of leads. It is a cold hard fact that the more meetings you have the more sales you will close and the more your finances will benefit. This is why quality prospects are priceless. These prospects will be more likely to set up a meeting with you allowing you to use your superb sales skills to secure a new sale and more commission for yourself. Quality prospects allow you to be efficient at your job. Efficiency means no more lost profit chasing dead end roads.

The ideal company will help you set reasonably priced and quality final expense appointments with people who are actually interested in being a client.

Time and money should not be wasted on generating a mass number of appointments that will not result in sales. The company you work with should be able to work with your needs and individual requirements for qualified prospects. If you want people that can pay a certain way, with a certain type of account, the company will cater to that requirement and filter out prospects that do not meet that standard. It would also be a good idea to filter out people that already have an adequate amount of insurance coverage. These people are not likely to purchase more as it is unnecessary, so attempting sales with these people wastes their time as well as your time. This prospect customization is not something you would be able to obtain from cold calling or a direct mail campaign.

It can be both encouraging and discouraging to see other agents doing far better than you in sales.

You may wonder what the secret to their success is and why you can’t manage the same number of sales or even exceed what they are doing on a week to week basis. More than likely the only difference in their success and your lack of success is that they are choosing to meet with, and directing sales, at qualified people instead of a mass number of irrelevant people to the market. This is why enlisting the help of a good company can be a valuable asset in insurance sales. The agents that are most successful will generate more appointments with a company helping them than most agents will on their own.  If you are a good agent, and let’s face it, you know you are…qualified leads are all you need for your career to take off. A good company will have staff members and owners with experience in the insurance field. These people know what to look for in a successful marketing campaign and will know, or take the time to know, exactly what it is you are trying to sell to your new prospects.

This means they can pinpoint the correct market for you, generating more revenue for your company.  The company will make sure all information and appointments are secured with the most detail and set you up for a successful sale.  Because insurance is a competitive market, it is important that you find a good company to work with and secure them in your target market as quickly as you can. You don’t want another company sneaky in and stealing all the prospects in your area!

Build Mailing Lists Right Way

Building Your Mailing Lists

Building Mailing ListIf you are sending emails or postcards your customer relationships is the lifeline of any business. In order to build and manage your customer information proper set of tools is required. The most effective way to build up you customer base to promote a product is by creating a mailing list. With the internet getting tough on SPAM laws and mail filters this gets harder day by day and with proper planning and effective mailing list management success can be ensured in building our own mailing list. Everybody in this world has a list of contacts of some sort or the other and they are not aware of the importance of it. If you have to promote something you have depend on an outside agency since you do not have any time to spare from your busy schedule. Even though they have a tool to market or promote they do not know how to work it to their advantage. Their own mailing list is their marketing tool if properly used can work wonders. Your mailing list may be small but it’s a perfect way to connect with the people on one on one basis. A small list can be made into a huge list by using some mailing list building techniques as follows.

Giving freebies to people who sign up: With lots of spamming going around the internet people are a bit careful when they share their email address with strangers and it requires lots of trust to get personal details from people. Giving some thing to people free of cost when they trust you with their personal information is like a thank you gift and can be called as ethical bribe. Some of the most effective freebies are something your reader can enjoy for a couple of days or something they cannot find elsewhere or give something of quality which will make them feel that they have taken the right choice by joining. Once what’s to be given as freebie is decided, just add a link to the content in the mail chimp. Other freebies which can be added are an unreleased short story or a chapter from the book or a small brief from an upcoming book or some content not found in the book.

Signup Box in Your Website:

The readers should be made aware that there is a provision in the site to build up the mailing list by adding a form in your website side bar. This can be done using the mail chimp and if you have additional space a short text can be added before the signup to let the reader know what kind of content the mail will contain.

Creating a signup button:

Signup buttons let people sign up for your subscription plan! You can create signup buttons in mail chimp by adding a text link to your sidebar which links your signup page. To make the signup link more attractive use fancy pants buttons to link signup forms. The signup button can be added by adding the following code and in the space with your link here the link of signup page is added and in the place of image here the name of the fancy button is added,

Adding a Signup Prompt:

The best time to ask readers to join the mailing list for more updates is when they open the final page. This provision should be made very simple by adding a page with the link to the signup form and text explaining about the mailing list. The free offer should also be mentioned in the page.

Add a Signup Tab in face book Page:

Social media sites are highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share and discuss contents. Linking your pages to social media sites like face book can build up your mailing list and encourage folks to join your page from social media sites. It is more effective than linking your page to an outside form because face book fan are more comfortable to stay within the face book site than going to unknown sites. You can use the mail chimp mailing list signup button in social media sites using a custom made image button.

Places to buy a mailing list

The mailing lists can be classified into two categories, compiled lists and response lists.

Compiled list are common lists collected from various sources like directories, vehicle owners list and phone books and entered into the data base. Response lists are collected from people who had responded to an ad, catalogs or direct mails. Any mailing before it is executed; we have to identify the group which will make a perfect audience for the mailing. When you buy a response list we have to ensure that the list is updated and cleaned and the data card with specification and usage should be checked.

Recency is an important factor to be considered when you buy a response list. In order to make the mailing list a success we should know the purchase frequency of the people and the amount they have spend on the purchases. The quality of a mailing list is measured in recency, frequency and monetary which are the standard measures. Before buying the list we have to make sure the percentage of success from the entire list. It is better to mail to a small percentage of people in the list as test purpose to see the response so that we will know if the entire list will work or not.


It is better to specify an overlay in any list so that you can restrict and send mail to a particular geographical area or people. You can also restrict mail to people who have spend a certain amount of money and purchased from several catalogues. The strike rate of a good mailing list cannot be predicted and 10% to 30% of the mails go awry or goes missing so we never know the exact number of mails received by people. Good delivery percentage is usually found among call a magazine publisher and they have some of the best mailing list. Getting a mailing list from these publishers is the best buying source with ready-made targeted buyers. Even catalog houses make good money by selling mailing lists which are very effective. Associations are another important source for mailing lists. Trade associations, chamber of commerce associations can help you to tap big and small business. Mailing lists from trade shows of both attendees and exhibitors is an excellent marketing tool.


The two best resources available for finding mailing list suppliers are the direct marketing list source and the New Lead communication national directory of mailing list available in libraries. These two sources contain the entire list data and details of the owner and the number of records in each list. List brokers are another major source for mailing lists who can supply good information. Some list brokers sell mailing list through catalogs which clearly state  what kind of lists are available with them which makes it easy to buy. Many companies offer list in CD-ROM so that customers can create their own criteria and develop their own personal list and target market.


Another most important source for mailing list is the internet. It is the best research tool available on your finger tips to sort out any list after filtering out the bad contents and streamlining the good list and it can generate any type of list like area wise, profession wise or business wise. Our competitors are another source which will sell you their mailing list. In spite of all these the best and the most trusted source is your in house list of your current and past customers. These are the people who know you and have made use of your service at one time or the other and are always willing to buy a new product from you.


Creating and structuring your own list from different sources is the method to make a successful mailing list. You have to spend lots of time and research to tightening the list criteria   and prepare the best possible list you can find. Once the list is made it is better to test a portion of the list and its worth the time and money spend to attack your audience with precision so that the strike rate will be the maximum. The idea of a good mailing list is to get a greater response from them by properly executing it. We should totally avoid any sort of mediocre list and focus on our own personal list.

For more information on quality mailing lists or final expense leads in the form of appointments call our friendly account manage: 1-877-949-8777.

Word press Plug in

Till now subscribing to a blog was just to sign them up to send emails one regular basis.

Email List MarketingSubscribing to a blog has gone much ahead than just newsletters and emails. Today when you request someone to subscribe to blog the email should contain announcements, new post alerts, monitoring of comments, monitoring specific posts, news letters, site submission service, site feeds, comment feeds and author feeds. Some of the most popular subscription method using word press plug-in blogging tools are:

Email Mailing lists helps you to contact your subscribers with details about your blog, latest updates and recommendations using word press plug-in. These plug-in works with your email list management program.

Pour word press is a French / English translation plug in is one of the most common mailing list plug-in. This system allows the administrator to send messages with attachments to all the members in the list and also provides automatic updates.

Viewfinder is an easy to use mailing list manager which sends text emails to subscribers. Viewfinder also offers different word press plug-in to keep in touch with your subscribers including the viewfinder list. You can contact your subscribers with the latest updates and it also allows automatic subscriptions with a validation mail.

Nathan Notify me is another word Press plug-in in which you can design the form and customize the parameters of the mailing in many different ways and it also alerts the subscriber when a new post is published.

Instinct’s Word Press Campaign Monitor helps you to track the results and manage subscribers and is normally used for email campaigns

Subscribe Max Gal Word Press supports Char-set and HTML tags and helps you to email information to registered users.

Email Users Word Press Plug-in is a good way to keep in touch and send announcements for multiple bloggers. Emails can be sending to subscribers based on their role and permission and it also adds a sub menu in the write post panel for fast and easy mailing.

Email Alerts are emails sent automatically after setup and configuration whenever there is an update or a post without any interaction from the blog administrator. If you are sending out multiple emails in a week or in a day for weekly news letter  it is better to use a newsletter word press plug-in other wise the subscriber will be flooded with too many mails.

Subscribe2 Word Press Plug-in  is very simple and the most popular update notification Plug-in. When ever a subscriber gets his subscription confirmed he gets an email whenever there is an update.

Advanced Mailing with AJAX Word Press Plug-in is an advanced subscription management system for Word Press blogging. All events are handled automatically allowing them to add or delete specific categories to receive updates and new posts. It helps to limit the number of emails to avoid conflict and also helps to translate and localize the mails

Word Press and Yellow Swordfish Page Update Notification Plug-in  both work the by sending automatic notification to subscribers whenever there is an update.

Monitoring of comments is done with a check-box you see on many word press blogs. It normally invites the subscriber to comment on a post and when the subscriber comments a mail is automatically send to thank them on the participation and interest in the post. The best place to use this is in sites dealing in customer support and services.

Subscribe to Comments 2.1 is nothing but a checkbox added to the form in which the users can add emails for further comments on the post. This feature helps the subscriber to manage and customize their subscriptions.

Word Press Plug-in displays to subscribers the posts which they subscribed and other word press administrative panel user lists.

Filosofo Enroll Comments Word Press Plug-in helps the subscribers to receive an email when someone post comments win an admin panel.

Newsletter subscription word press plug-in not just sends an email but sends a newsletter with customized designs with all the content of the blog in the newsletter.

Feed subscription word press plug-in is same as book marking site links and the most popular feed reading service for subscribers to add their blog in the feed reading list. Some of the most common feed reading services are Google reader, yahoo and AOL.

Getting to know the B2B Buying Process

Many companies are reluctant in raising their budgetary expenditures despite the increase of corporate profits.

Health Insurance SalesMost of the buyers these days are focusing on a cheaper solution that will enable them spend less but be able to do more. It can be hectic and a long procedure when one decides to sell to corporate decision makers which leave someone wishing that they could at least go higher. But with the current unpredictable economic situation for the future days it becomes very vital to understand clearly the customers need their process of buying and provide for them grounds that will enable them buy from you. Quite a number of decision makers need to be given concrete justification in terms of each proposal due to the unpredictable economic situation hence making it almost impossible for the approval of high ROI project. For a company to stand out from the rest as the best they need to engage in their customers buying process.      

For a prospect to make a purchase he has to go through a certain order of steps to represent a buying process.  There are different steps to be followed depending on the type of purchase or the organization, but the most common structure of the stages includes; awareness, evaluation and decision. You may take the buying process to be complicated, frustrating, and difficult and time consuming for buyers.   So it is the responsibility of the company to make sure that they are facilitating a smooth channel through out the process of buying for the better.

The initial stages of the buying process have experienced some changes to an extent that a number of B2B buyers depend on resources from the internet versus sales people for information. This in the long run leads to buyers mind to be congested with a lot of information; they are being overwhelmed with lots and lots of marketing messages through social media, radios, countless TV channels more and more which finally leads to their mind being overloaded with information and at the end it creates confusion and decision making becomes hard for them.

Through online means, prospects are likely to receive messages on a daily basis which is a routine that many markers are using to capture their interest.

This routine of overwhelming prospects with messages leaves them with a hard task of decision making and as a result they get confused. When it becomes impossible for them to make decision they end up making no decision at all because they are not sure where to put their investment in regards to time, money and energy. In addition it leaves no solution to a business problem. It is very important to target the right people and provide quality content to enhance B2B marketing techniques. Engage in a conversation with your buyers to help them during the period of buying process to allow them come up with a decision. Marketing automation tools can become really important at this stage as they facilitate live one-to-one advice.

When quality content is provided in this internet world it can work wonders. But many people are providing content just for the sake of it but the truth is it can not work this way. This content is supposed to be created in a way that is focusing on how to pass knowledgeable information for each stage in their buying process. This is the reason why prospects are in need of different information at each stage.

This becomes the great time to talk about the success stories from the customers and making clear illustrations on how this achievement of project implementation became a success. How it was gained by your customer not forgetting the business value. Talk about developments in industry that brings out the expense of the problem and making sure your buyer is working towards finding solution to the problem. Engage your customers into discussion with you by explaining to them the importance of them merging with you towards the common goal of finding a solution to a particular problem. Also show some professionalism something which will hinder them from heading to the street to buy the same product.

The economic forecast has become unpredictable which creates fear for investors to make a stable ground for investing which will bring change.

Buyers are comfortable where their problem are being solved or being taken care of during the process of buying, and where there is room for improvement, and come to a concrete solution whenever there is a problem. They are willing to be able to do this with very few resources. When companies provide helpful content and show engagement winning will come automatically since they will walk smoothly through the whole procedure of buying and thus breaking the sales cycle.

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Making the best Out Of online Selling

Selling has become very hard in the recent years due to the fact that customers have become very brilliant these days.

Final Expense Leads Bisiness MarketingThey do a lot of research which makes them more intelligent about your products. They are aware of their fellow customers, people you are competing with in the same field, all the specifications of your product and they also know how to make comparison between you and your competitors. When selling through social means you have the opportunity of meeting valuable customers, get to know their needs and requirements, and sell to them in the best way possible.

For a company to get more potential prospects the sales team has to call several times for a prospect to call back which they rarely do. This is due to the fact that the procedure for buying has evolved over the past few years of which it will force your company to move with time. This change will begin by the introduction of social selling.

This will force a company to have a more established digital presence in the industry. You might be loosing a lot of opportunities by not presenting yourself online, your competitor will use this time to take lions share in terms of opportunities as you lag behind. Sales representatives also need to play their role despite spending most of your time to make your presence available. They have no time to waste since they also have a duty of growing their own brand and reputation.

In this world where everything has become digital it is obvious that content plays a very big role. Apart from producing quality content from the marketers, sales team is also expected to produce good content. Already a number of sales people are producing quality content but unfortunately they prefer doing it on themselves and not in harmony with others in the company. This becomes more of a challenge that an opportunity for a number of companies. It is good if the combined team of sells and marketing sit down together and air their views in accord. This will boost the personality of your buyers and get to know topics or ideas that will make them hungry for more information in the process of buying.

After creating a uniform message from the sales and marketing team, it then becomes vital for both teams to come up with ways of assisting the identified prospects through the process of buying. Apart from the marketing team making investments through marketing they can as well prepare presentations and quality content to connect with the buyers. Sales presentation can be converted into videos and slide shares and blogs can be made from them to produce quality content which will enable prospects to easily follow up through the whole procedure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Make sure you outdo your competitors by making sure you grab all the opportunities before they do. Take advantage of the strength that social selling has by making the best use of your marketing department and increasing the sales force. By doing this you will be in a position of paving way to greater opportunities and providing the best method to keep your sales team on the best track.

In this digital age, majority of people have got a LinkedIn account. But are this people taking advantage of the strength that it has to create more opportunities? Through this you can be the first one to be reached by prospects before they find their way to reach your competitors. Be alert and provide a message that pulls the interest of the buyer in these accounts in the social media. Don’t be afraid by putting boundaries that you use only corporate profiles only instead spread out your wings and by encouraging your sales team to share their content in any other social platform. By working as a group in unity you can make the best out of the company’s effort and making sure that more leads are generated towards the strong building of a brand.

And when the company gives full support to the sales people their efforts will be uplifted and more leads will be created and hence more revenue which at the end of it all it will be beneficial to the company

Return on Investment

Business to Business marketing doesn’t mean that you should have a brand that has got value or even how adorable your company appears to be.

B 2 B InvestmentThis is something that most marketers will not agree with me or they might not be pleased to hear, but a majority of leading businessmen will agree with me when they take a keen look at the matter. The thing is; how much revenue are you helping your company to generate? To avoid loosing some of your money which you decide to put on advertising you should make sure that the strategy that you are using in marketing should have a connection with the strategy that is used in sales.

Marketing is done primarily to increase sales or services hence the increase in money by creating awareness to the people. Without this many business people might not spend a single coin on marketing. Marketing is a key element that ensures the increase in sales in any business without it there is very low chance of getting good returns. Sometimes I wonder why some marketers concentrate on a poor way known as vanity metrics to measure their performance.

Data based marketing has recently become very popular in the world of business. Accountability and performance which is measurable are the main success to marketing today. Majority of the companies rely on “vanity metrics” how many people are following in twitter or the number of people who download forms online to fill. They should take their time on what matters to them most that will likely to bring contribution on revenue directly which will bring return on their investment.

The performance of direct revenue can be indicated by the size of database or how many people visited your website. But the most important thing here is to concentrate on, or to talk about is the number of sales made through leads, and how these sales has been made easier by breaking its cycle or by  creating experienced sells people. Majority of sales executives never bother to know the number of people who have visited their website for the last thirty days. But they are very keen on the duration it took to close a deal and they can easily answer a question concerning their close rate. It will be a waste of time and resources if you are not on the same ground when it comes to marketing.

Taking marketing as an investment can lead to performance hike. Return on Investment (ROI) can be easily gained through demand generation spending. Leads can either be generated or nurtured depending on the program which both ends up in the revenue funnel. Mature leads are converted to a sale which later gives way to opportunities and later closed to produce revenue. It is easy to measure the whole process of marketing if at all you are using the correct measuring tool, the marketing programs become easily understood, and in future there will be bigger returns.

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List of People with Diabetis

Diabetic people are the people who suffer from a disease known as diabetes.

This people are found in every part of the word. Diabetic people are strictly recommended to special diets which are favorable to their system and will help to keep the body strong, it helps them to live healthy lives and they also get to live comfortably with the disease. Companies that deal with diabetic people need to have all the details of their clients, for them to produce products that are favorable to the clients and are compatible to state of the disease. This means that the company should have the lists that contain all the information of the client with their specification and also the requirements that are needed by the client. If the company produces all the products that are favorable to their client, then all the products will be purchased and this will increase the company’s sales. Company owners might wonder where they will get the lists with genuine and professional information about diabetic people, but this information can be gotten very easily from the data vendors who are believed to produce high quality list.

An example of a good and well known company is the senior marketing company. This is a company that can provide the users with the best list. Using diabetic list has some advantages to the company that can help it to be one of the best in producing diabetic materials among others. In most cases this lists vary from the requirements or the specification stated by the client. Some of these benefits include

  • ·         The first benefit is that the company that is producing the product will have all the client need listed in a list  and this will help the company to save time in the production of the right products for their clients. With the lists  it also help the users to identify why certain clients prefer certain products this will help in the production, it will help to identify which products should be produced at a higher rate due to its demand and also which product should be produced first. This means the company will be able to differentiate the most important products for the customers and they will also be able to differentiate the immediate needed products. This will help to control the supply of products without shortage considering that all the clients’ requirement is followed strictly to maintain the healthy living of the clients and it will also increase the company’s sales.

  • ·          Another significance of the diabetic lists is that the company is able to carry out a one on one discussion and consultation with the clients. This means that one on one approach between the clients and the company. This can be said that telemarketing is not easy at all because some of the information given in the lists might be fault. This tells us that if the information given is false let’s say the client specification are not then with the lists and with the contacts available then you can have a one on one conversation. This means that if the information given is true then the company is able to produce the products according to the client’s specification then the company will be able to increase its sales and improve the company’s profits.

  • ·         The last benefit of diabetic list that the company offering diabetic products can get is that the company is able to get a clue on what their clients need. They don’t have to produce just any product with a specific requirement. Diabetic people have different diets and for a company producing diabetic product and they are using diabetic lists then they are able to concentrate on the requirements of the clients. Knowing the needs of the client will help in producing the products that fit the client requirement and it will save the company a lot of time this will also help the company to increase its sale.

At the end of the day diabetic list are believed to improve the company’s performance. For one to get perfect lists they can be gotten from well known data vendors like senior marketing company which is believed to produce professional and genuine lists.

Inside Sales Job and Career Growth

The President and Chief Strategist of the Bridge Group, Inc known as Trish Bertuzzi bears an iconic name when it comes to selling remotely or thinking about inside sales.

She has an experience of 20 years which is quite a lot to be converted into a piece of an article not forgetting her awards, recognition, eBooks, and Board Affiliations. In LinkedIn she has one of the biggest groups which have 23,212 members known as inside Sales Experts which is mainly talking about inside sales.

Let’s look at her research study which includes The Bridge Group, Inc., which is her firm that has been doing research annually on Lead Generation Metrics and Compensation Report for B2B technology companies which sums up to five years which is now an Icon for the whole industry. Gathering, compensating, and recruiting being one her major fields of expertise in inside sales.

Inside sales is an area in sales and marketing which is growing rapidly, some of the major strategies that led to that success were revealed by 197 business-to-business (B2B) companies in the technology space. 50% of the companies emerged to be software companies, in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) specifically having a third, with the remaining eying on the sales of hardware or a combination.

“New concept” is the description given by nearly a quarter(24%) of the companies to their sale where higher learning is a needed so that buyers are enlightened about the problems they can solve which in a sole proprietorship and is being referred to as “Blue Ocean” by Kim and Meuborgne authors of Harvard Business School Press.

“New paradigm” had 37 % where solution is being given effectively in a space which is more congested, while “Established Market” with 39% facing a very stiff competition which is known as Red Ocean to differentiate them from “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

An article in Forbes magazine by Trish Bertuzzi-“Inside sales Jobs and Career Growth up 54%”She notes that there is a 20 % decrease in average job experience in 2010, from 2 years five months to 2years in 2012. The demand of people with experience less than one year has increased by double during the same time due to the respondents needs

“The procedures for hiring have changed a lot but the job remains still the same. From 2009 to 2011 there was a growth of 54% in demand for lead generation rep, which means there is a high demand than supply, forcing companies to descend when it comes to experience.

In 2009 in the department of inside sales, the average tenure of lead generation rep has deteriorated from two years four months to two years one month in 2012. The average compensation has gone down from $77,000 in 2009; to $71,600 in 2012 this is due to sales rep with less experience booming in the sales department. Note that this does not mean that the value of their duties have gone down but rather due to many reasons for instance hiring reps with less experience.

The reps who are more experienced enjoy the positive side of it since there was an increase from 8% in 2010 to 20 % in 2012 for those making more than $100,000 and also during the same period there was an increase from 21% to 27% for the reps making $85,000.

In 2010, the teams in lead generation reported by half to the marketing department, 70% of the teams in 2012 reported to sales with sales that drove the outbound prospecting component. 

It is worth investing in dialing technologies since it is a tool which can increase your productivity at a very high percentage. Maintaining dialogue with your clients through dialing can be a sure way of getting in touch with a targeted audience hence increasing productivity. According to research 21% of companies are making use of this very important tool.

You can get more leads by putting more quality content on a blog and the more calls you make per day the more the output. There will be more leads appointments; increase in sales which if well maintained the pace can remain the same. To stress the point again, conversation is the key to pulling traffic to you or your company.

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Insurance Industry Ended up Fighting for a $4 Billion

Car insurance is a $161 billion worth industry that is preoccupied with risk protection and presently when it comes to marketing strategies it is certainly far away from being traditional.

The biggest companies splash top dollars when funding flashy campaigns, or when affiliate with celebrities, and popular social networks. When the calculations are completed, they show that some insurance companies spend mind-blowing number figures for advertising. For example in 2009 this figure was $4.15 billion, which is almost twice the amount spent for marketing in the year 2000.

Today insurance accounts are groovy and even wanted at advertising agencies. But the stabbing question is, if this immense expenditure is really sustainable and justified? When asked, major marketers and marketing agencies claim that actually no one seems to ponder on putting the brakes on this enormous spending in near future. No one, neither marketers neither their customers plan to slow down until the job is completed, and that is to seize the brains and the hearts of prospective customers. At the rear end of all this lays an imperative market dynamic, which comprises the transition from an old-school insurance company to do it yourself online quoting. After years in the creation process, this transformation has reached the tipping peak, obliging companies that once used marketing agents to approach and charm their customers directly.

At the beginning companies such as Geico and Progressive were revolutionizing things, even though many of the conventional companies initially did not support them. But today, these conventional companies cannot overlook the direct rivalry and they have to play the competition game under their conditions. The old partisans are still tunneling their path in this new business environment, by running several campaigns simultaneously and by testing new original messages. Some companies like State Farm last year began its campaign containing discount message and hoping to attract youngsters that still need insurance agents. Other companies are hyping additional benefits, such as car substitute and emergency road services. And at this point another question arises, how they can manage to pay such overpriced advertisement sums? Companies came out from the recession gaining a lot of profits, which assist them to pay and span their advertisements.

 In the year 2010 the net profit of the insurance industry climaxed at $26.7 billion which is almost $10 billion more than the balance from the previous year.

To trace down the development of the advertisements we should go back and refer to Warren Buffett, who said to Ted Ward, Geico’s Chief Marketing Officer that he has an excellent business scheme that works perfectly, and they should never worry about money, because money are not an issue for him. These words were a marketer’s dream and Ted Ward and his fellows, throw themselves on sketching plans how to hold Warren Buffett to his word. This moment would blast-off an attack of advertising campaigns, like no one, not even the car insurance industry had ever witnessed before. Geico’s strategy of infusing humor into otherwise dull and traditional category worked splendidly, by pushing the insurer to annual market-share profits and pressing the competitors to play their game.

Today all insurance companies are striking with original and lavish campaigns. Nonetheless, some advertisers such as Allstate learn that humor has its restrictions when it comes to insurance marketing campaigns. They had to withdraw their hypothetically humoristic press release that was associating car accidents and astrological signs. But they did not foresee that some of their customers did not find this funny at all, on the contrary they took it very seriously and warned Allstate, that zodiac signs do not take part when it comes to setting insurance rates. It seems the target is to seize the interest of consumers who actually do not think about insurance at all. Many experts claim that people generally think about insurance policy when they purchase a new car, they encounter a car accident or they renew their old policy, which eventually sums up to twice a year.

Presently there are around 187 million insured private vehicles that commute on the roads. Every year the turnover declines, 20% of the customers buy insurance but do not shift to new one and only 11% switch to new policy. However, that still implies that every year there are over 20 million customers ready to spend money on the insurance market every single day. If you ask a regular buyer to list from the top of the head few car insurance brands, he/she usually will list four companies and among them will be the ones that advertise at all times.

Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits

Several health insurance businesses across the nation are looking to and winning increases in premium payments for their customers, several in the double digit numbers.

Affordable Health CareThis continues to happen even though of the most critical objectives of President Obama’s administration and it’s health care law was to restrict this fast-paced rise in insurance cost for clients. Small business and individuals who do not have insurance provided by their employers are particular vulnerable to this issue. These individuals and small businesses will have to end up buying health insurance on their own. In the state of California, the major insurance business Aetna is proposing increases in premium rates of as high as 22%. The other major players like Anthem Blue Cross is proposing increases in premium rates of as high as 26% whereas Blue Shield is proposing a 20% increase in the premium rates to customers. These numbers have been retrieved from the insurance provider filings with the state department for the year 2013. In 2010, when Anthem Blue Cross increased their rates by 39%, there was a drive to bring into effect the Affordable Care Act. This act was passed the very same year as the rise was announced; however the Act would not completely by in effect until the year 2014.

Despite the Act having been passed, the current rate increases still appear striking enough. In states like Ohio and Florida, insurance providers have also raised premium rates by at least 20% for some customers. This rate of increase can easily translate to a few hundred dollars per month. For households with policies provided by their employers, this proposed rate of increase for premium payments would translate to about a 4% increase.

Under the current health care law, health regulators are required to monitor and review any kind of request for a premium rate increase of 10% or more than 10%.

These requests will get posted to the federal website along with evaluations from the health regulators. The federal website that will contain these rate increase requests is The review process carried out by the regulators not only provides an insight into the strong disparity between the premium rates themselves, but it also showcases the striking dissimilarities between states like New York and California. New York is one of the thirty seven states where regulators have been provided authority to deny or push back rate increase requests. They have been provided this authority by the legislature and can do this for requests where rate increases are considered excessive. California is one of those states where regulators do not have this authority. Recently, New York used these special powers to hold off on premium rate increases which had been suggested for 2013.

Using their authority, regulators were able to hold premium rate increases to under 10%. On the other hand, states like California can review requests for premium rate increases but they do not have the authority to deny these increases. In some states, despite strong evidence that costs associated with health care have actually reduced in the recent years, double digit rate increases are still being made.

This is causing several people to delay their medical and health care treatments because of the slow economy and rising health care insurance premiums. The leading financial analyst house PWC estimates that health care costs may only increase about 7% next year. This rate of increase is well below the premium rate increases that have been suggested by some insurance companies. Even so, insurance companies provide counter arguments stating that for some insurance policy holders, medical costs are increasing much more rapidly as compared to the average costs. This is leading to a suggestion that these individuals live within a sicker population of individuals. On the other hand, federal regulators argue that premium payments would still stay within the law, where limits are set on the profit numbers and administrative costs and rebates are provided to individual insurance policy holders if insurance providers exceed those pre-determined limits.

The insurance commissioner of California and a couple of the health regulators in the state have mentioned that without a federal provision in place which gives regulators the authority to deny excessive premium rate increases, certain insurance providers will have the flexibility to raise premium rates as much as they can before the law gets enacted. They have noted that this continues to be a major loophole within the Affordable Care Act. Without legislative backing, they can only question the rate increase, not deny it.

Health Care and Profits

About thirty years ago, there was an interesting pattern discovered in the usage and administration of sedatives in Wisconsin, Madison state’s southern nursing homes.

BlogIt was observed that patients who were entering non-profit homes that were affiliated with the church were being administered drugs almost as often as those who were entering profit making institutions. However, patients who were stayed in these profit making proprietary homes were being administered a dosage that was on an average, roughly four times the dosage as that of the patients at the church affiliated non-profit homes.

Writing about the research of his colleagues in a book he published, an economist provided a very simple explanation for this trend, attributing the differences of dosages to the pursuing of profit. He noted that sedatives being cheap, they are used more freely as compared to nurses and official having to spend extra attention to patients who are way more active but have to be kept busy. He noted that he found the behavior unsurprising. This was because hospitals that ran their business as a profit making business were less probable to offer home health care related services and services like psychiatric emergency health and medical care compared to non-profit institutions and government run hospitals. These services do not bring in as much profit as compared to services like open heart surgery. He observed that shareholders might even laud the creativity with which such businesses that seek profit go about doing the same. However, the consequences of this profit seeking pursuit would pose problems for other such stakeholders in the circle – for example; the patients.

Studies found that when non-profit institutions switched over to profit-making businesses and when their staff levels decreased both in number and care, then the mortality rate of patients increased considerably.

The article mentioned that these tactics geared towards making profits points to a much more troubling point, specifically the conflict of interest which arises. This conflict of interest is bound to cross over and extend beyond the health care system’s private deliveries. They raise a much more pertinent question. How much should be really be depending on the private sector to be satisfying the broad social needs?

The truth is United States relies on the private sector for everything from health to education as well as pension funds. This dependence here is much higher than any other such comparable advanced nation which provides its citizens with basic social services. Aging and older Americans can seek to enroll in the Medicare advantage plans which the government makes available to its older citizens. Medicare plans provide tax breaks in order to encourage businesses to cover their workers and employees under the . Most businesses in the country devote almost about 6% of the country’s economic output towards paying for health insurance for their workers. This equates to about nine times that of the private spending on health insurance benefits. Private health insurance plans provide coverage for more than a third of pension funds and benefits.  Of about 30 countries as part of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) the average is only about one-fifth. In the United States, the private sector handles activities that other nations wouldn’t even dream of moving outside the realm of the government.

Our nation’s relying on the private sector to provide us with the most basic services, has a lot to do with a much narrower understanding of our joint responsibilities to provide social services to the population. Private American health insurance and health care systems have stood out for years at a stretch among other such advanced and industrial nations. Since a long time ago, universal coverage has been considered as a right of being a citizen in this nation. However, our faith in the private sector stems from the fact that a large government has to cater to too many objectives and many several conflicts of interest to be able to deliver insurance and health care fairly and justly to the population. However, this trust of ours in the private system is clearly undeserved. Handing over these basic responsibilities to the private sector is only ending in us receiving much lower quality services at a much higher cost as compared to what they would have been had they been provided to us by the government. Our private sector health care industry clearly shows how the profit-seeking objective can send incentives and objectives astray.

Teachers Fund to Sell Its Gun Shares

As a response to the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, one of the biggest pension funds in America has now started to disassociate itself from firearms holdings.

This could mean that other pension funds could also soon follow in divesting themselves from firearm holdings. The CALSTRs or the California State Teachers Retirement System, voted as one to formally begin the divestment process related to firearm holdings. The unanimous vote happened at a public meeting where teachers agreed in unison, that they didn’t desire to have their retirement funds placed with businesses like the Freedom Group. Freedom Group is the manufacturer of the semiautomatic rifle, the Bushmaster. Authorities have stated that on Dec 14, Adam Lanza had used the Bushmaster rifle to shoot and kill twenty first grader kids and six adults at the Sandy Hook elementary school.

The chairman of the teachers’ retirement funds investment committee spoke about how the latest school shooting incident that occurred at Sandy Hook involved many fellow educators in addition to the children that they cherished. They terms the Sandy Hook school shooting incident  as the tipping point for the CALSTRs decision to divest themselves from firearm holdings.

Divestment from such financial investments involves many steps. This multi-step approach is to ensure that officials who deal with these funds comply with their fiduciary duties to protect these financial assets which are being accumulated for teachers and retired educators. It took the Teachers Retirement System several years to finally divest their holding with tobacco businesses. The chairman of the committee forecasted that the firearms industry would eventually come under public and market pressure making it a risky financial investment. This critical decision puts the Retirement System as a forerunner in a movement which aims to reconsider financial investments in firearms. It questions the propriety of the model where states and cities end up covering their workers’ retirement costs by investing in the firearms industry. Ever since the shootings happened, officials with other such public retirement funds and pension funds have mentioned that they have also been searching their portfolios to check if they have any investments making it into the firearms business.

Officials from states like Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York have all been a part of this conversation.

However, in a radio interview, the sole trustee of the municipal workers and state workers pension fund stated that pension funds cannot depend on the current hot topic outcome or criticality of the moment. As per the trustee, he knew of $150 billion portfolio businesses with weapons holdings of about $15 million that were still debating about what they should be doing. He stated that there were major questions being raised about gun manufacturers and that the responses to these questions would determine where the society was headed.

As per statements given by the chief investment officer responsible for the retirement fund, the teacher’s pension fund money also gets invested in two other gun manufacturing companies; the ‘Sturm, Ruger’ and the ‘Smith and Wesson’. Even though, of a large $154 billion portfolio, these investments are relatively small and only amount to $12 million dollars. However, when asked to provide in-depth information on investments within the firearms industry, the chief investment officer stated that all three companies manufacture guns which are not permitted to be carried by private citizens of California.

Stocks and shares of publicly traded gun companies can also swing heavily based on current events. After the Newtown shootings, stocks and shares of weapons companies fell heavily. Investors in weapons companies were left with huge losses and an unsure future. Several private equity partnerships are also in effect pension investments in weapons companies. These investments usually run for several years and are difficult to break off or pull out early without incurring heavy losses.

Officials involved with pension funds that had investments in the Freedom Group mentioned that in keeping with regular practices of private equities, holders had not been intimidated in advance that their money would end up financing the firearms industry. The private equity firm which owns the Freedom Group has announced that it would be selling off the guns business and would be returning all the investment back to investors who had put their money into it. This would help protect these investors’ assets while removing them from the debate around gun control. The firm mentioned that the gun control debate was being taken up by the powers with the public responsibility and the formal charter, adding that doing so was the role and responsibility of state legislators and federal legislators.

Fixed Index Annuities

In the current financial scenario, investors are looking to find more reliable investment schemes that have lesser risks but provide assurance of better returns on their investments.

Final Expense AnnuitiesKeeping this in mind, the time is just right for you to bring up and talk about fixed index annuity schemes with your clients and prospects that are looking for good investment options. At one point of time, real estate related investment trusts and schemes were considered to be good investment options. Individuals could safely invest money in these schemes and watch their funds grow as part of these investment plans. Real estate then, appeared to be a very logical, extremely attractive investment option. Wherever you turned, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, commercial offices and storage facilities were fast rising at alarming speeds. At the peak of their success, real estate related investment options were able to provide an average of 7-8% yield which for the most part, was considered an attractive investment. But then, as everyone knows, ever since the real estate crash of 2008, the trend to invest financial funds in the real estate market has seen sharp reversals. The average return on investment from real estate related investment schemes was only around 4%. This was much below what it used to be before the real estate crash.

With yields having fallen to what they are now, investors – both individual and businesses – are now looking to find more reliable and dependable investment schemes. Investors are primarily interested in investment schemes that are low risk investments and yet offer better returns of investment as compared to the real estate investment schemes.

As per recent published studies and research, of all the largest real estate investment organizations, eight of the largest such companies have lost thirty seven percent of their value within the past seven years.

Losses have totaled to over eleven billion dollars. Large established corporations like CNL Lifestyle and Dividend Capital Total Realty have seen their once-profitable real estate holdings and shares plummet like never before. While CNL’s share values have dropped to seven dollars from the once existing ten dollars, Dividend Capital’s shares dropped from ten dollars to about six dollars. This depreciation in share value has occurred all across the industry. The most popularly known reason for this depreciation has been pegged to be the all-time high unemployment rate. The unemployment rate stood at its highest ever in October of 2009, when it touched ten percent. If a large population of individual did not have jobs, then it was obvious that with the economy being what it was, they were far less probable to invest in new homes or purchase mortgage refinancing.

Recent news articles do suggest that the unemployment rates are on the improvement curve, however, even with the improvement, individuals are wary of investing in financial investment schemes like mutual funds. Mutual funds do not provide an assurance as to a minimum rate of return on investment when the real estate market is still not steady. Customers and prospects wish to reap the returns from a safe, secure, low-risk to no-risk investment scheme. This is where fixed index annuities help. They offer benefits that make fixed index annuities much more attractive than investing in real estate related investment plans. At the very least, fixed index annuity schemes provide safety. Individuals owning contracts of Fixed Index Annuities are assured to receive steady, continuous fixed retirement funds. They also do not have the added worry as with traditional real estate investment, about losing their principal payment, even if the real estate market were to perform pathetically. To combat the rising rate of inflating, fixed index annuities also have the option of including riders on the contract. Riders can raise the annuity scheme’s payout by 3% to 5% on an annual basis. However, annuity riders do come at expensive prices.

During the growth and expansion phase, fixed index annuities also offer other desirable aspects and features which set them apart from real estate related investments.

Because the accumulated value of the annuity is tax-deferred, interest from the annuity is able to get compounded at a much faster rate in much lesser time compared to real estate investments. Regardless of what the non-believers might be saying, fixed index annuity contract owners do enjoy a lot of liquidity on their assets and investments. They have the option of withdrawing up to ten percent on an annual basis without having to pay up any penalties. Fixed index annuities offer contract owners many benefits over real estate related investments.

CRM provider

Recently we received an email from our CRM provider about free downloadable e-books written on the concept of revolution in social sales.

Final Expense InsuranceCRM stands for the Customer Relationship Management model, which among other industries, many insurance providers in the insurance industry also use to manage their customers better.

Receiving the email from the provider piqued our curiosity. Before we knew it, we were on our way to downloading the free e-book wanting to know more about it. At that point of time, all we were interested in learning about social sales and the so-called revolution. We were only interested in learning, we didn’t really want to talk to anybody about it or discuss the various aspects. We didn’t want to appear as leads to other agents. But, if you were to read the email we received just a few minutes after having downloaded the book, you would think that we were hot interested prospects.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We noticed that you have recently been browsing our website and looking at some information on the website. Many clients and customers who took the first time by browsing our website found it extremely helpful and valuable to actually set up a quick call instead. A quick call with me can help answer any questions you might have and you would also be able to easily learn more about our several products and services. You would be able to determine how our products and services can help bring value to whatever situations and circumstances you find yourself in. Having a call usually helps shorten the time taken to walk you through evaluation and also shortens our qualification cycle. It gives you all the information you need in a brief concise manner. Thus, armed with all the information you need, you would be able to make comparisons between different products or services. Having done that, you would also be able to make a quick decision about which product or service you eventually want to go with. What would be the best way to get ten minutes of your time in the near future?

This email struck us as odd. There are to be a major disconnect somewhere. All we had done was sign up for an interesting free e-book but somehow that had triggered a CRM discussion and put us right in the middle of it. About half an hour after the first email had arrived, the next email arrived. Apparently, since we had not sent out any immediate responses to their first email, it was obvious that they had decided to try again.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Thank you for showing interest in our website. We haven’t been able to contact you at 123 456 7890. Would you be able to provide us a better number that we can call you at? Please do let us know if it makes sense to have a quick call and talk about the various aspects of the product. We would be extremely happy to help you through the evaluation process on our website. However, if you believe that we do not need to connect on call, then please do let us know your response either way.

Just a couple minutes after the second email, we heard from the website owner company again. At this moment in time, they were starting to get into serious discussions with us. They wanted more information about the CRM models and systems we current use, the issues that we face with our current CRM systems, any challenges that we are currently facing as well as what our timelines are as far as taking decisions whether to switch to a different system or not. Unfortunately for many of us, many unscrupulous insurance provider companies are willing to set up automated systems for lead generating in this manner. They intentionally misconstrue individual’s intentions and end up bothering them.

Even if individuals do not express specific interest towards a product, they use alternate methods to establish contact and then try to convince them to take these connections to the next step.

We cannot believe that this would have been their final goal, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. Instead, designing strong campaigns for lead generation entails having a strong in-depth understanding and comprehension of your customers’ and prospects’ world. One should know what information a prospect requires in order to be able to make an informed decision. A good agent should try and increase the prospect’s interest and work on their commitment to change.

See about our quality final expense sales leads

Hybrid Insurance Products

A very critical concept to understand in today’s insurance industry scenario is to understand why there seems to be such a bright and promising future for hybrid insurance products.

FE LeadsHybrid insurance products are products with linked benefits. What makes these products so very enticing and promising to customers and interested prospects is the fact that these products offer a sense of security. The individuals whom we interviewed in order to understand more about expectations from these products, told us that they liked the potential that hybrid insurance products showed. They believed that hybrid insurance products were highly likely to be helpful in the future.  Hybrid insurance products could help to diversify, broaden and protect customers’ assets. These products would also be able to provide a comprehensive view and approach to the entire insurance planning process. When customers sign up for hybrid insurance products, they also automatically address several other needs of the individual. Interested prospects and customers will usually have several financial needs in the future, like retirement funds, financial protection of their estate and/or family as well as long term care insurance. Hybrid insurance products can help cover each of these needs with a single product. Because of a single product targeting many different needs, there is an assurance that the product will definitely be used by the individual.

However, when we spoke with insurance agents and financial professionals dealing with the sale of hybrid insurance products, we also observed that they noted a few obstacles and challenges to selling hybrid insurance products. The first challenge that we noted was that hybrid products need a significant amount of the premium payment to be paid up front. Thus, hybrid products could ‘appear’ to be expensive to the customer initially. Because customers believe that these products entail higher investments than they are usually prepared to pay, they often end up opting for traditional insurance products instead of linked-benefit insurance products. Hybrid products are also relatively new in the market. This inexperience and newness could also often be considered a barrier to increased sales as individuals are more likely to go in for products that have been tried and tested in the market. Compared to new hybrid products, individuals looking to buy tried and tested products end up opting for traditional life insurance policies. Several interested prospects and customers also happen to find hybrid products relatively complex.

Financial professionals note that linked-benefit insurance products are not as widely known yet as they should be.

Hence, prospects and customers question the various aspects of these products because they do not have enough information about these products. Financial professionals have also admitted that lack of knowledge about these linked-benefit insurance products have often held them back as well. Some of these agents admit that they are convinced that these products would sell, however they only need to get up to speed on the various aspects of the product. Once they do so, they would be able to work on figuring out how best to market them.

As with the regular universal life cover and long term insurance, another major challenge that hybrid insurance products face is denial. Because of the way the products are linked and end up solving for two major challenges with life – death and long term care, even getting the conversation going could be a major challenge. Financial professionals and agents trying to market these products state their experiences saying for an individual, dealing with death and preparing for it is a task in itself. To add nursing homes or skilled long term to the mix makes the conversation even tougher. The truth is that, financial professionals and agents looking to sell hybrid insurance products might have to make a few adjustments. Interviews with professionals reveal that there are a couple of critical factors to be noted. The first is to zone in on the right customers.

Customers should have a clear understanding of hybrid insurance products are. The second is for financial professionals and insurance agents to get educated on the aspects of these products. Many insurance providers host webinars, marketing seminars and provide other educational documentation and material to help keep their professionals and insurance agents up to date. The National Clearing House also has a wealth of insightful information about long term medical care, health care and aging.

See additional info about our exclusive final expense leads here.

List of final expense leads

Information can be compiled in different ways.

March Is ComingInformation once compiled, can also be grouped into various categories. Once grouped, this information with meaning and basis can be defined as a list. What this means is that a specific list could have some information which another type of list might not have. Because information could be exclusive, there could be many lists out in the market which when put together might have all the information you need. Even then, individuals do not necessary face problems procuring the kinds of lists that they want. Marketers who work with individuals to promote their products and/or services or simply create awareness about their business often look to final expense prospect lists to do so.

If one goes about looking for these lists in the market today, he/she would be astonished to find that such lists are plenty. However, what they need to keep in mind is that not all of these lists found in the market would be effective. What this means is that in order for a list to be useful and effective, an individual should put in efforts to procure a list that is built after in-depth analysis of the requirements. After all, what’s the use of having a list which only partially suits your requirements and is not completely effective? If you’re in the market looking for effective final expense prospect lists, we recommend that you enlist our services to get effective lists which are compiled based on your requirements and are tailored to be effective to your business. There are three key parts to this recommendation, which you should understand. These key reasons will tell you why our statement about recommending our own business is in effect, a fact.

The very first reason is that the data and information that we collect is considered the best in the market.

This is because we have a dedicated professional staff of data collectors. Our dedicated staff have a very professional attitude and they have years of experience doing this task of collecting data and information which go into compiling this list. We have one team which collects the data and information and we have another team which works on this compiled data and authenticates it. In the current day scenario, it is extremely easy for a telemarketer or a final expense prospects marketer to simply hand out leads and prospects lists that have been ‘manufactured’ and not collected. There is no drive to authenticate it and such lists prove to be inaccurate and hence ineffective.

However, the lists that you would be provided when you enlist our services are highly accurate. They have been authenticated by a dedicated team whose only objective is to make sure the data in the compiled lists is accurate. This means that a market approaching us for final expense prospect lists will get exactly what they are in the market for. These lists will be catered to their requirement and will help them on the way to achieving their goal.

Another convincing reason as to why a final expense prospects marketer should approach us for their lists is because of the thoroughness with which the list has been put together.

For any list, especially a final expense lead list to be effective, it is critical that the data within the list be very thorough. Some businesses simply put together lists that have simple information and data which they easily procure from elsewhere. However, we assure you that the data in the lists we provide is very thorough. This is because the steps that we follow to ensure thoroughness are not followed by other businesses. To start with, the final expense prospect lists which we provide to marketers who enlist our services are checked and confirmed by several people before the list is checked off for delivery. The individuals who work on checking and confirming these list have years of experience on the job.

They have the capability and experience to detect any errors that might have been made with data collection and they have the knowledge to correct these errors. In case of any misunderstanding with the data, they are also able to consult the data collection team so that the error can be fixed. Once the lists have been thoroughly checked and confirmed and the data verification teams are satisfied with the accuracy of data, these lists are then handed over to the marketers. Interested agents can contact our business to procure lists that match up to their requirements.

Types of Life Insurance Plans

There are several types of life insurance available in the market today.

In order for you to determine which ones will work best for you, you would need to have several insurance policies of different types as you start out. Because there are several types of insurance, gaining access to information about each type of insurance will help ensure that you get the best understanding possible for all types of insurance policies. Term life insurance plans or temporary life insurance policies are good policies to start out with for understanding more about insurance policies. Term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance policy for an individual who is looking for an insurance coverage based on life.

A good starting example is term life based insurance policy. In this case, you will have the most affordable type of insurance cover when you are looking for a cover based on life. Though the term life insurance policy is designed to cover you for life, it is however also designed to only cover a temporary state of life insurance. What this means is that, term life insurance plans only provide coverage for a specific period of time in life. If and when you cross this period of time, you would need to renew the policy on an annual basis or get compensation/claim out for your coverage. Most term life insurance plans provide coverage for 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years. Term life insurance plans are viable and extremely advantageous and beneficial to individuals who have financial requirements or needs that will reduce as time passes.

A good example of an individual who might require term life insurance is a civil servant.

With term life insurance plans, annual premiums need to be paid to the insurance provider in order to make sure that coverage is provided. This coverage is expected to provide compensation or financial payout to the beneficiary in the event of the policy holder’s death during the time period for which coverage is provided by the insurance policy. Term life insurance plans do not have any cash values. This means that if the insurance policy holder’s death does not occur within the time period or if the time period is crossed, then no payout is provided to the policy holder or his beneficiary. If the insurance policy holder’s death occurs within the time period of coverage, then the beneficiary can collect the claim payout or death benefit. This money given to the beneficiary will be tax free. Term life insurance plans are also of various kinds. One should be cognizant about the different kinds available in the market before he or she decides to purchase a policy.

If and when you decide to buy a particular insurance policy, you should ensure that you have all information related to payment of premium and compensation details before you purchase the policy. Many individuals assume that they would always receive compensation. They make this mistake by not looking at the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy. When they do this, they have to deal with the unfortunate outcome that even though they have an insurance policy, it will eventually turn out to be a useless investment and will only end up disappointing them. Instead of temporary life insurance policies, the other kind of life insurance policies which one should consider are permanent life insurance policies. With permanent life insurance policies, you have guaranteed life insurance coverage. It does not matter if the insurance policy holder’s death occurs before time or even if it occurs right after he/she procures the insurance.

In permanent life insurance policies, coverage is guaranteed any time, regardless of when the death occurs.

However, one thing to bear in mind while purchasing any kind of insurance policy is that you still need to make your premium payments consistently. Only if you are consistent at paying premiums, you would have valid coverage. Many individuals are wrongly under the impression that coverage provided by permanent life insurance policies is not effective. However, they’re fed this information from individuals who haven’t been making consistent premium payments and hence end up with invalid coverage.

  • At the end of the day, if premium payments are consistently made to the insurance provider, beneficiaries will receive their pre-determined compensation at the time of the insurance policy holder’s death. In the event of the death of the insurance holder, beneficiaries can use payment receipts as evidence. This evidence could be used as proof of compensation that they are entitled to with permanent life insurance policies.

Life Insurance Forum

There are quite a few knowledgeable tidbits published in our organization’s magazine that would give you insights on life insurance forum.

One of the main advantages of reading our reviews is the amount of information you gain. Depending on the kind of forum you use and are involved in, the information you gain would vary. The best thing to do would be to use the forum that lists information about all the various types of insurance plans and policies. By doing this, you would not need to join individual forums. You can simply gain all the relevant information by being a member on a single generic forum. But how does one determine if the forum he or she has joined is one of the best forums? There is a simple way to determine this. All you need to do is use your search engine to search for life insurance forum. The first page that shows up is always a list of the most popular insurance forums. By joining one or more of these popular insurance forums, you would gain access to information about the different types of insurance plans, policies and coverage. Once you determine which insurance forum you wish to join, you can join the forum as a member and start deriving your benefits from the forum.

There are various benefits related to coverage and policies that you can gain from joining an insurance forum as a member. It is not possible to try each and every policy for yourself. It is also difficult to determine the benefits of all available policies and plans. Hence, being a member of an insurance forum helps you gain access to information related to all policies and plans in an easy manner. In insurance forums, individually usually post compliments, feedback and complaints about insurance products from a particular company. Certain policies will have multiple feedback posts from many different people.

  • At the same time, individuals who have fared better or have had better experiences with certain insurance policies will provide information that might help you better understand the contrasting negative feedback about the same policy from another member.

Sometimes, certain positive feedback might help you understand the reasoning behind negative feedback too. Thus, reading these posts and feedback you would be easily able to determine the list of companies that provide the best policies and plans. You would be able to identify the best companies in your locality that provide optimum insurance benefits. This will also help you determine if you would qualify for those insurance policies or not. For individual customers, having access to such helpful information helps them make insurance policy related decisions much more easily and quickly. This is how you can reap benefits from joining insurance forums.

Many insurance forums also provide a list of coupons and offers.

Most insurance forums will list these in two different ways. One method of advertising coupons and offers is when insurance companies advertise their policies, plans, pricing, offers, deals etc on the insurance forum. When insurance companies advertise on insurance forums, they are much more likely to hand out free quotes to interested individuals. Often, companies advertising on online insurance forums will also hand out extra benefits in an attempt to entice and sign on new customers. When you join insurance forums as a new member, you can avail of these extra benefits and offers. At the same time, insurance agents and insurance brokers often use insurance forums to communicate information about the various current offers and pricing for insurance policies at the various companies. When you see posts from insurance agents and brokers about these offers at different insurance companies, you would know whether you want to access the benefits and free quotes being handed out.

  • Based on our magazine’s latest reviews, there are many other advantages that you can derive from being a member on insurance forums. Join an insurance forum on the internet today to determine the complete potential of benefits you could derive from these forums.

Medicare Leads

In order for any organization for have a consistent inflow of new customers and repeat business customers, it is important that they work with leads.

This line of reasoning also applies to insurance agents looking to sell Medicare plans and policies in any state within the United States. For an agent to have promising leads and for the agent to be successful, there are a few things that the agent needs to keep in mind. Firstly, any leads that an insurance agent works with should always be real time leads. They should be fresh newly found leads. As an agent, if you work with prospects that are old or not real time, then it will be difficult if not impossible to achieve your goals. Many businesses in the industry which provide insurance leads to agents often sell used leads to these agents. However, they might still end up charging the agent the same price that they would usually charge someone for a set of fresh new, real time leads. However, if you end up using these old leads, you would not be able to achieve the sales figures that you had set a target as. Instead of achieving effective sales figures, you would end up wasting a whole lot of time and money on leads which would turn out to be worthless.

Because of this reason, it is extremely imperative that you work with fresh Medicare leads that have been provided to you real time. If at all, you have a doubt about the authenticity of Medicare leads provided to you, make sure you that you bring it up with the business when you enter an agreement with them. In such cases, businesses should have a process inbuilt into their system, by which you can return leads to them if they fail to meet the requirements as mentioned in the agreement.

It is also very important that the company which provides you Medicare leads is a little flexible on their part.

If you have certain requirements around which the generation of leads needs to be customized, then they should be able to make changes to their system and fetch you tailored prospects that suit your individual requirement. Not all organizations are the same. Primarily, there are two kinds of companies that work on generating leads. The first kind is the company which provides generic, non customized leads to their clients. The second kind is the company which provides tailored leads which suit the individual requirements of their clients. If you need good reliable Medicare leads, then you should be able to approach the second kind of company which can tailor its leads to suit your custom requirements. This way, the leads that you acquire from the company would be more suited to your business, thus more effective.

Businesses generating Medicare supplement leads for you should also be able to take your region, area of operations or territories into consideration when they generate the leads for you. However, the truth is, very few businesses in the industry today take this into consideration. When a business generating leads considers your area of operation in their generation process and then tailors these leads to suit these areas, then the probability of these prospects being effective increases. It also increases the chance of these leads being exclusive. Thus, you will not face competition from other insurance agents in the area. If you use generic lists, you may not get exclusive lists and thus, they may not be as effective. In the insurance industry, it is very important that you work with exclusive leads.

The business you approach for generating leads should understand this dynamic of the industry.

If the business provides you generic non exclusive leads, then you would not be able to achieve a desired sales target. There are businesses which state that they will be able to provide you exclusive leads, but eventually, they are unable to do so. Because of this reason, it is important that you work with a business that is popularly known for their expertise in being able to provide exclusive leads. We are a company that provides the best leads and services in the area of Medicare insurance. Give us a try. We can assure you that you would not be disappointed with our services.

Also, each area is different. You cannot work with a generic modus operandi for all areas. All areas also do not have the same economic stability. Companies that provide you with Medicare sales leads should have knowledge of the economic abilities of each area. If they do, they would be able to provide you with leads that have potential to contribute to your business.

Direct Marketing

Direct Mailing marketing lists are often primarily responsible for the success or failure of a direct response marketing program.

Final Expense Direct MailEven with the most incredible services or products, even with the most attractive offer that you have ever made, even with award winning creativity, your direct marketing program could end up failing if you do not get your products and services in front of the right audiences. If you are able to pitch your products and services in front of the right people or if your products are put into the hands of the right people, then your direct marketing campaign can be a huge success. That is precisely why, you use to use our services for all your email list needs and direct mailing list needs. We provide extremely comprehensive, specialized, one stop compilations of mailing lists. We can provide these lists based on all kinds of requirements from responders, lifestyle based, interest based lists as well as lists based on activities and memberships and a whole host of requirements in between. We can provide you access to thousands of mailing lists based on your requirement.

We have different types of mailing lists.

One kind of list we provide is the consumer mailing list. This includes sales leads. We build you a mailing list based on the areas you want to mail out to, based on a geographical map. We use the Geo-Selector that involves codding technology. This precise technology can provide you with the most accurate lists possible. This kind of list is perfect for small business owners, realtor, etc. Using satellite imagery, you can also have a view of your neighborhood or the target audience market. Our technology provides you the ability to select areas like congressional districts, voting districts, school districts etc. depending on your need.

The other kind of mailing list we provide is the business mailing list. This also includes sales leads. With business mailing lists, you can build lists based on business type, geographical area and much more. We provide you with companies, names, addresses etc for businesses throughout the nation. We also include telephone number for these businesses wherever available, at no additional cost to you. Another type of list available is the new mover list. This can be built by defining geographies and demographics as well. You can also build a list based on the timing range of the move. These lists contain names and addresses for new movers throughout the nation. We update our database on a daily basis to only contain those details for individuals who have made a move recently. Another kind of list we provide is the new homeowners list.

This can also be built by defining geographies and demographics.

This list can also be built by defining timing range of the purchase of sale. These lists contain names and addresses of new homeowners throughout the nation. Depending on the type of the list, telephone numbers would be optional. Mail only lists would not include telephone numbers. On the other hand, mail with telemarketing lists as well as strictly telemarketing lists would include telephone numbers too. Another kind of mailing list we provide is the mortgage list. Homeowners who fetch in higher than average incomes, who have greater purchasing needs and also possess higher purchasing power as compared to renters figure on this list. We compile data related to homeowners based on details from public records, mortgage transaction data, property details collected from the tax files etc. Deed records update our mortgage database every month; this provides you with fresh and accurate lists.

Our specialty direct mailing mailing final expense leads requests and data card requests can provide you with more specific lists that are tailored to your requirements. We require that you define the area you wish to target, when you purchase a mailing list from us. Response rates are much better when the mailing lists are targeted to a specific audience. You could use various factors to define your target range city, state, ZIP, county, even by radius. You should also target your audience based on demography. You could consider factors like age, gender, marital status, income etc. Each of our lists is based on different demographics. If you select the mailing list type as Mail with Telemarketing, then we would be able to provide you telephone numbers as well, wherever applicable.

Pricing on direct mailing final expense lists is depends on your select criteria. While geographic selects are included in the price, demographics are based on a per-record price. We also provide multiple options for retrieving your mailing list – You could either download it, or we can provide it as CD or labels.

  • For more information about our direct marketing final expense leads call us direct or visit website below.

Telemarketing Services

We are a well-established, successful telemarketing services company with branches spread across 48 states in the nation.

Telemarketing LeadsWe provide our telemarketing services to individual insurance agents mostly seeking to convert leads into sales. But we also cater to mortgage brokers who wish to avail of our telemarketing services. Our professional call center systems are among the best in the industry. We have been providing assured sales leads to both individual insurance agents as well as mortgage brokers across the country. This has been possible because of our state of the art technology and our effective lead generation systems. We have worked with advanced lead generation systems for leads pertaining to Medicare policies, Life insurance policies, health insurance plans and reverse mortgage plans.

Our advanced technology systems and our lead generation programs help us generate high quality phone referral leads. These are promising leads that fit the pre-decided eligibility requirements. We have an endless list of clients who wish to sign up for policies, mostly in the health insurance and life insurance lines.

What sets us apart from other such phone referral and telemarketing service providing companies is the highly effective database system which we have put together from years of meticulous research and development. This includes data and information that has been gathered by our dedicated telemarketing staff. This data and information has been gathered by our telemarketing callers and insurance agents who have worked with converting leads into successful sales closures for many years. This is a database that contains leads which offer agents a perfect match to prospects in their respective industries. This database is unique and exclusive to our company alone. This will ensure that you do not face any competition over these leads from other agents in the geography. We provide 100% exclusive sales leads.

Final Expense Insurance Leads Generation

We are a specialized marketing tool that provides final expense insurance leads for insurance agents and insurance companies in the form of appointments and promising phone referral leads.

Final Expense InsuranceNow you can obtain Medicare Insurance Leads and Final Expense leads in all the fifty states of the United States. These will be in the form of preset appointments, phone referral leads and internet leads. We provide you high quality leads at little or no cost to you. If you refer two insurance agents to our service, then we provide you the third reorder free.

We will provide you pre-scheduled appointments, also known as preset appointments, which have been set up for you by our professional appointment setters, internet leads and referral phone leads. These will be high quality leads which have a high probability of conversion to a sale. They will also be very low cost or extremely affordable in terms of pricing. We make sure that our prospects are willing to hear from you and have been notified that you would try to contact them. We do a pre-screen of our prospects to find out if they have any pre-existing insurance policies, to confirm that they have a bank account and to make sure that they’re interested in purchasing policies or hearing more about it. We generate both telemarketing referral phone leads and internet leads.

We cater to both individual licensed insurance agents in the field of life insurance policies and health insurance plans. We also provide our services to insurance companies. We provide 100% exclusive leads ensuring that you have no competition from other agents in your geography. Also, because we have unlimited support from our online partners, these are extremely affordable leads. We also provide high quality customer service to outside insurance agents who use our products and/or services.

Final Expense Leads Agents Guide Part 2

Insurance Agent Guide – Part 2

Final Expense LeadsOnce the client has informed you of his desire in Final expense plans, once you have confirmed on the amount of insurance coverage, we would need a final expense plan. You would need to make sure that the final expense plan fits your prospect’s budget. If your client is unable to come up with or is does not want to provide a dollar amount, find out from the prospect how much they would be about to afford every month. You could even provide a few suggestions and then see what the customer picks. Once your prospect has confirmed the amount they would be able to afford every month, then you would be able to fill in the questionnaire and move to the close of the sale.

Once the customer has confirmed the amount he would be able to afford every month, once you have all the desired go-ahead signals, you are ready to close the deal. You should be able to draw up a comparison chart that shows the client what their monthly payments would get them in coverage and benefits. Your objective should be to provide the prospect enough insurance so they can cover the costs related to their final expenses. If it doesn’t, you should be able to show them three alternatives. Once you have the alternatives outlined, you can show these to the client and have them choose the next possible best option. Avoid overselling your prospect. As long as you avoid overselling, your sales will increase.

Sometimes, a prospect may not want to go ahead with completing the application.

You need not close out the meeting immediately, but you can rely on the application to help overcome the problem. You could buy more time by letting them know that you would need to check whether the prospect would even qualify or not, to find out if the prospect would be eligible for coverage. Point out conditions which would have made them ineligible. Tell them how great it is that those conditions do not apply to the prospect, otherwise it would have been ineligible. This way, you can use the application as a friend.

Regardless of how good the application is, you will be faced with objections or questions raised by the prospect. Some of these questions, you would already have anticipated. If so, you should be prepared with your responses. Then, you can convert the objection to a sale. Your presentation and the questionnaire would answer most of the objections. When you answer each question, you could check with the customer if he’s ready to sign the application and close the deal. After all the questions are answered, you should spend a few minutes reviewing the application. Try to find points within the presentation that the client might raise questions about. If they have no further objections and still cannot sign the application, chances are they cannot afford the insurance. If so, you might need to offer them a lower premium payment option.

Do not consider any objections as show stoppers.

Instead, look at them as requests for further clarification. By doing that, you can come up with unforeseen questions that you might not have anticipated. Your objective should not be to sell an insurance plan. It should be to help your client be satisfied and happy with their financial decisions. It would be to satisfy their final desires.

Even after the deal has been signed, it is important to solidify the process. Many agents find out that after the deal is signed, clients decide to drop the deal. Once you finalize the deal, take the application and file their first month’s premium. Make sure you convey your congratulations for joining the company. Assure them that they can rely on your excellent services for the entire family. Let them know that you would continue to be representative. Make sure all your contact information is available with the new customer.

Also, if you are truly helping your customer and if you believe you are doing honest work for your customer, then you should also offer your services to your client’s friends and families. Make sure your customer doesn’t feel that you’re trying to push them for referrals. You should let them know that when you talk to referrals you would let them know about they being in your customer’s thoughts.

Referrals help you set up an established business in the same geography. You can get more efficient that way. You can easily obtain referrals in the insurance market. They reduce the cost of finding prospects.

Like every other skill, these steps need practice. If you employ these techniques every day, they can help you become a successful final expense life insurance agent.

Final Expense Leads Agents Guide

When insurance agents make a presentation to the client, they have to remember that every step in their insurance has a purpose.

A lead converts to a sale when all the steps in a presentation are executed correctly.

Final Expense LeadsThe first step in a presentation is to follow up on leads. You can either personally approach a customer at their door or you can approach a prospect by phone. With personal visits, the prospect, their spouse or some other individual would open the door.  Give them your business card and let them know that you’re here to speak to the prospect. You should let them know that the prospect had asked for certain information and you’re here to provide them the information. Either the prospect would answer and let you present your information in 20 minutes. Otherwise, the prospect might come to the door and let you know they’re busy. If so, set up another appointment with them. If the prospect is not home, then find out from the spouse if they can set an appointment else you might have to come back to set up another appointment. You should remember that when you’re meeting a client personally your objective is not to make a sale. It is only the first step. You might not be asked to come in to every door but with the right skills you can improve in gaining further interviews.

When you approach a prospect through a phone call, set up an appointment with the prospect. Do not try to close the sale over the phone. Let them know at the outset that you would only need 20 minutes of their time. Do not tell them the price of the insurance plan over the phone. Let them know that you need to meet them personally to discuss prices and details of the plan. If you find it difficult to get the prospect on the phone, then you would need to personally meet the prospect.

Once you meet the prospect, you should take control of the situation and conduct a good interview by asking all the right question.

Asking the right questions will help you steer the conversation in a way so you can discuss the details of the plan. Your prospect would acknowledge that they responded to a direct mail because they felt the need to. Be sure to indulge in some small talk after the initial introductions. Customers like to do business with people they feel friendly with. If you can be a customer’s friend and can satisfy their needs, you can be a successful insurance agent. Let the client know that you help them with their problem. Qualify their health for the policy and talk to them about the right program which fits their situation. Once this is done, you will be able to close the deal easily.

Work with the prospect to understand costs.

Work with the prospect to receive the best coverage for the most affordable plan. Wait for the customer’s response. If you communicate your intent to help with planning final expenses well, then your customer will agree to the rest of the presentation easily. Once you have the customer’s agreement with the rest of the presentation, then gather information about the customer. For example; date of birth, spouse’s date of birth, any funerals attended in the past 2 years, who would be in charge of funeral arrangements, type of burial they would prefer, how would the funeral arrangements be taken care of etc. If the client has a written record of their funeral wishes, then you could walk through the information and update it if required. If your client does not have any written record, then you can work with the client to build a written record of funeral wishes.

Talk to the prospect about how to fill the forms, talk to them about membership cards, how they can change their wishes, etc. The prospects should be aware that there is a written document which their survivors can then use to carry out their final wishes. Once you both complete the list of wishes, you can put together an estimate of final expenses based on their life expectancy.

Call about exclusive final expense leads in the form of appointments: 1-800-343-6304.

Go to Agent Guide Part 2.

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Pre-Need Policy

Did you know that today, average funeral expenses cost approximately $7,000?

This includes just the basic costs and does not even take into account expenses related to the cemetery, headstones and flowers. As more and more people come to terms with death being inescapable, buying insurance to cover one’s own funeral expenses has become a necessity today as one seeks to unburden his/her family from financial expenses after his/her demise. So what exactly is funeral insurance?

A common misinterpretation of the funeral expense policy leads people to believe that by purchasing this policy every conceivable cost related to the funeral will be taken care of after one’s death. However that is not the case. Funeral expense policies, also commonly known as burial expense policies are small life insurance policies which are designed to cover the funeral expenses of the policy holder after his death. Well established insurance companies do not even offer these insurances. The highly reputed ones only offer life insurances with claim payouts of at least $25,000 and require high premium payments and have a whole set of eligibility criteria for policy purchase. Funeral expense policies are mostly sold by smaller insurance companies targeting the geriatric community. Such policies are generally categorized as guaranteed-acceptance. What this means is that there are no eligibility criteria that one has to qualify in order to purchase this insurance. Age and health conditions are not looked at. While this ensures that anyone can purchase burial insurance, it also comes with a downside.

Because there are no eligibility criteria, these policies tend to be priced much higher. These do provide coverage throughout life and provide beneficiaries the option of borrowing or withdrawing cash, but they offer little cash value compared to full term life insurances provided by well established larger insurance companies. Financial advisers recommend that if you are well enough medically to be insured, then you should preferably go in for traditional life insurance that assures of a higher claim payout. However, with any kind of policy, it is important to research the insurance company well before you make a purchase. One should also read the terms and conditions in the contract before signing up for a policy. Even guaranteed-acceptance policies pay only a part of the death benefit if the policy holder expires within two years of purchasing the policy.

Another type of funeral expense policy is the pre-need policy which can be purchased directly from the funeral home. Many funeral homes enlist licensed life insurance agents onsite who can explain to you the benefits of and sell pre-need insurance. In a pre-need insurance, you decide on all the options related to a funeral and the pre-need insurance policy covers the cost of all these options. Pre-need insurance policies can also have the funeral home director named as the beneficiary so that policy claim payout goes directly to the funeral home. In certain states where this is not allowed, you would need to add a family member as the beneficiary and he/she would need to carry out your wishes. While some funeral homes can guarantee prices depending on the options you pick, contrary to traditional life insurance, life insurance policy value’s aren’t always fixed and premium payments depend on a multitude of factors. One should always be aware of any penalty payments in case of not being able to make the premium payments so the basic intent of not burdening family with financial troubles is still met. The benefit of a final expense policy over traditional life insurance is that with insurance, claim payouts are made immediately where with traditional life insurance, claim payouts take 1-2 months to process. On an average, clients opting for cremation are guaranteed an average insurance coverage of $5000 as opposed to $8000 for those clients who opt for a traditional burial ritual. burial insurance policies also factor in age and policy value in order to determine premium payment values.

However, all said and done, one would like to release any and every financial burden from his family like medical bills, credit card debts, mortgages and such not just the ones related to funeral expenses. In such cases, it is highly recommended that you purchase a traditional life insurance policy which provides better coverage. A whole life insurance or universal life insurance policy would provide coverage for one’s entire life as compared to term life insurance policies which only provide coverage for 10-30 years of lifetime and then require annual renewals to be made.

About Burial Insurance

Final Expense Insurance LeadsHow to Purchase Final Expense Policy?

As the name suggests, burial insurance is an insurance policy which ensures that in the event of the policy holder’s death, his funeral expenses can be taken care of without saddling his family members with unexpected financial burden. Burial insurance can also be used to pay off credit card debts of the policy holder which otherwise would have fallen on the family members’ shoulders. Contrary to life insurance which can be denied to an individual depending on factors like age or health, burial insurance cannot be denied. However, these factors could affect the premium payments or the policy value.

  • The first step towards procuring a burial insurance is to first determine how much your policy should be worth. Funeral expenses depend on a variety of factors like type of casket, type of headstone, type of or location of burial plot. Opting for cremation versus a traditional burial also has a significant impact on funeral expenses. Cremations are markedly cheaper compared to traditional funerals. If the policy holder’s desire is to have a public or a private viewing, then costs of embalming would also need to be factored in. One should be aware that these costs are only going to keep increasing with time and it is better to plan and purchase burial insurance sooner rather than later. Heavily trending are the Green Burials where instead of embalming or using a coffin, burial mechanisms are designed to help the body decompose faster and become one with the Earth.
  • If one does not have a life insurance, then a burial insurance can be considered as a life insurance with the only motive being covering funeral expenses. On the other hand, if you already have life insurance, you can divert part of it to covering your funeral expenses. Naming family members as beneficiaries would provide them funds so they plan for a funeral and burial of your choice. You can also add your funeral director to be a beneficiary which allows him to use your funds for your funeral and burial the way you want it to be. In either case, the policy holder should clearly communicate his wishes to his family members or the funeral director respectively.

Burial Insurance policies can also provide claim payout in multiple ways.

If the policy is purchased with a single payment, then the claim payout will also provide all funds immediately to the beneficiary. This kind of payment is only allowed for older people. On the other hand, a policy paid for through regular premium payments provides a payout based on the number of payments that were done. So if the policy was paid for over a period of five years, then claim payouts will also happen in parts over a period of five years. The last kind is the traditional kind where as long as payments are made, full coverage will be provided but coverage stops if payments stop.

One can attempt to preempt price rises by purchasing certain items like headstones, coffin or burial plots from a funeral home. This would provide an added advantage whereby the family members are not burdened into making the choice, instead one can make it themselves.

One should also exercise caution during the purchase of burial insurance as there are certain unscrupulous agents in the market trying to make a quick buck. Regardless of the kind of insurance being purchased, it is always a good idea to research the insurance company and read any reviews that have been posted about the company. Similar care should also be taken to research funeral homes to ensure that business done is legitimate and does not end up creating trouble for your family later.

Exclusive Final Expense Leads

Final Expense LeadsHunting for final expense prospects who can be converted to clients is undoubtedly a daunting task for most insurance agents.

Having to make cold calls in the middle of the night, follow up on leads only to have most of the prospects turn you down can be outright frustrating. Most insurance agents in the market today send out thousands of mailers every week but end up with only 1-2% return in their leads. Finding interested promising prospects who could end up as confirmed customers could be the most difficult obstacle for insurance agents trying to make a comfortable income off their insurance sales. However, do remember that despite these hurdles, there are some insurance agents who have been able to establish themselves in the marketing industry and carve a successful career for themselves. However, this article is intended to help the vast majority of agents who still struggle with closing leads. Our interest is in helping you become successful insurance agents too and help you close more finance leads than ever before!

It is an obvious rule that for final expense leads, the more number of people you approach, the more your chances at securing a response. Experts and specialists who have experience in securing the most final expense leads can help qualify your appointments for you so that you only interact with or follow up the promising leads. Such businesses which offer this service provide you a list of promising prospects depending on your requirements. If you only want a list of prospects having a checking account, once you provide these details to the business, they would be able to fetch you a corresponding list. Similarly, if you want a list of people who are already insured but not with more than $10K in their coverage, then if you mention this in your requirements, you will be handed a list that only has individuals who satisfy the mentioned criteria. Specialists will work to make sure that the lists of prospects that you need to work are tailor made as per your requirements so that you have more chances to finding interested candidates who are more probable to go in for your services or products.

Once you work with such specialists, you will never have to look at successful insurance agents and wonder what their secret is. These businesses can easily ensure that you have upwards of 40 appointments a week to follow up on. Depending on the type of insurance you are attempting to sell and depending on demographics the numbers may vary a bit but you would still be able to get a very high return on investment!

So who are these specialists? These are people who have already established themselves in the insurance sales business and made a great career for themselves. Owing to their experiences in the market, they know what other insurance agents are looking and offer their services as guidance to help other insurance agents get successful. They are well versed with all kinds of insurance related products and services and hence possess the capability and skills to help you in your quest. They invest time and effort to screen your appointments for you, not once, not twice, but even thrice to ensure that they are the right candidates for your call. Since the potential candidates are checked out in extreme detail, your calls are catered to a specific section of the community thus targeting only those individuals who are interested.

But the best advantage of hiring experts to qualify your target audience is that they only make sure you are completely exclusive to geography. No county will have more than one agent. That way you never have to face competition which you otherwise would have if you had tried to follow up and network with contacts on your own. Experts also provide you with free 2-3 preset qualified appointments on the very first order!

Work with the experts to avoid the hassles of pursuing contacts, making cold calls and frustrating prospecting! With expert advice, you can look forward to a comfortable income with effortless networking and great rate of responses!

Marketing and Personalized URLs

Like many other organizations, marketing businesses is to create quarter wise business plans and strategies helping them to build a dedicated list of areas to focus on in the upcoming quarter.

  • Most marketing companies assess marketing trends in the industry that work and assure increased sales and factor in these best practices into their own marketing strategies for the next quarter. Topping the list of such best practices, are Targeted Mailing Lists.

Gone are those days when small businesses and services could hope to bring in more responses and sales leads simply by dispatching a mail shot or thousands of emails with generic messages designed to cater to the population at large. The one-size-fits-all approach has long become redundant. However, marketing companies have realized that having generic mailing lists that are either bought or rented from other organizations or mailing list brokers do not always help in raking in sales leads. The quality of these mailing lists also play a huge role in determining the number of responses.

Mailing lists for mail shots are usually built with minimal contact information of prospects like names, addresses (email or mail) and at the most gender. However what marketing companies have realized is that, in order to appeal to the prospect’s interests, marketing mailers should be targeted to interested audiences that might have a genuine interest in the product or service increasing the probability of receiving positive responses.

Garnering more information about a prospect can help marketing agents target them with the right service and product. For example: Sending out bulk mailers to an entire community advertising a new store for children’ bikes would hardly help if the majority of the community residents are senior citizens who live by themselves. Similarly, marketing diabetes medication to an entire city could potentially only yield the number of responses as the number of people suffering from diabetes. However, in the process a lot of money, time and effort would have been spent for which there would be no returns.

Marketing agents and businesses are now collecting much more information than before pertaining to life history, life changing events like weddings, babies, career shifts, medications, financial history, shopping habits, internet browsing habits, ethnic details, hobbies etc in order to build a highly targeted list that can assure more responses because they are designed to appeal to the interests of the people receiving those mailers.

A mailer sent to a senior citizen or a retired professional would be very different than a mailer sent out to a married couple with kids in high-school. Prospects have different requirements around their services and products, they look for different products to solve different purposes in life. Hence, it is very important to cater to different demographic populations differently. A lot of ground research and offline work should be done prior to sending out mailers to prospects.

However simply collecting all the information in the world will not guarantee an excellent ROI. One needs to be cognizant about how best to utilize the information to get the most out of it. Companies should build effective personal messages for their prospects, utilize PURLs or Personalized URLs to cater to their individuality. The more specific they get, the better their chances of closing the deal.

Bowing to the needs of the market and such marketing businesses, mailing list brokers have also become savvier and now design lists with demographic details built in that help target a specific section of the society. For businesses looking to operate effectively  and save time, money and effort, targeted mailing lists are the new order of the day!

Life Insurance Marketing Tips

Final Expense LeadsHere are some life insurance marketing tips to help your business expand and succeed.

Although not all may be useable by your business and situation, they are reliable methods that are preferred and used by many who have now achieved success.

Finding clients by yourself is a much cheaper method of spreading word of your business. This may be done by searching for clients and their contact numbers online or in various public address books that offer these contact numbers. Calling clients on the phone is an affordable way to find customers and become well-known amongst potential clients. However, since one person could not achieve the same results that a group of advertisers would in the same amount of time, having your friends talk to people they know about your business is a recommendable way to spread word of your business faster. Another method of becoming well-known by your potential clients is holding gatherings or public events. Conducting seminars and giving speeches are another effective technique that would familiarize the public with the products and services that you offer. As well as seminars, speaking on the radio or writing in online forums are also methods that enable the public to ask any questions they may have. Answering difficult questions with ease would give you the credibility that would appeal to many customers.

It is important to not look at the public as the same clients. Everyone is different and responds to different marketing strategies. It is therefore better to separate them into different groups and consider their interests and come up with marketing strategies that would elicit the best response out of each group. The group that is easier to appeal to and would be most interested in the product or services that you offer would be your target customers and as such most of your advertising effort should go to them instead of other groups that would be harder to attract. Another thing that separates the groups is the area they live in. If they live in different areas, then they are used to different marketing strategies and respond to advertising methods that others who live in another area may not respond to. All of these need to be considered when coming up with the best marketing strategies as they are important factors that could make or break your business.

Some methods to generate quality life insurance or final expense leads usually elicit a great respond in all groups are newsletters. They update your clients with the best and newest promotions and all the ongoing of your business. Having a spotless and impressive resume will also help you attract more customers as it makes you very knowledgeable regarding the field you are in and thus a reliable source. Writing a biography could help achieve the same goals. Having an interesting logo or motto will also make your business more memorable and distinctive amongst your competition. Using an online method of approaching your clients is also highly recommended. As more and more clients spend their time and communications online, reaching them with emails or providing them with a well-designed and user-friendly web site is a smart approach.

Appreciating your clients is also a sure way of keeping loyal customers and appealing to potential customers to utilize the services or purchase the products of your business. Holding gatherings for your current customers who have purchased many of your products or services or giving them special promotions would be one effective way of keeping clients satisfied and interested in your business. Another method would be holding such gatherings and promotions for people who recommend your business to others and help win you more clients. This would not only help your customers feel appreciated, but it would also help your business obtain more clients.

Some clients may be harder to win over and require much patience while first advertising to. These are clients that are more adamant in their research and need to make sure that you are the best option for them. However, if you can prove to be a trustworthy and reliable source, they would become loyal customers who would proceed to recommend you wholeheartedly. Since such genuine recommendations go a long way, they would in turn bring you many more loyal customers who are sure in their choices and believe in your products and services. These customers should be appreciated since they are a great benefit to your business.

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Marketing Ideas

Keeping your business and its advertisements the same throughout will not help you grow and expand.

New and innovative ideas how to generate quality final expense leads always help your business seem more interesting and become more liked by potential clients, improving your sales. Since some businesses are still unaware of the importance of new and interesting marketing campaigns, by utilizing such marketing strategies your business can easily stay ahead of them. Such strategies can be created from the advice given to you by experts or creative ideas that are found in daily lives of any clients or colleagues.

It is important, as a newcomer, to start small and achieve the basic goals first.

Trying to start and achieve bigger goals on the get go will only hurt your business as it is not easy to create a niche in the market if no reputation or popularity in your local market is gained yet. With no satisfied clients to vouch for your business on a local scale, it will be even harder to get the attention of clients on a global scale. Offering high quality insurance services and products and letting the business grow and become well-known first should be a higher priority. If your business grows and suddenly appears amongst the bigger names seemingly out of nowhere, the fresh products that have the support of local clients and the recommendations of many satisfied customers would be more successful in attracting the attention of many new customers that would prefer your business to others.

Have an outstanding resume that could be presented all the time and in any place.

Persuading the clients that the services or products that you offer are different from those existing in the current market is the key to getting ahead of your competition. As there are many companies and businesses that are to get ahead of, standing out is all the more important. Also, every customer that comes to you may not be necessarily interested in many of your products and services. It is important to be able to target the potential clients that are in fact interested in purchasing many of your products or services and offering them your advice and best products or services.

Spread the word of your company inside and outside of the business setting.

In the daily life, many opportunities present themselves in which you may be able to make friends or family interested in your business. Passing up such opportunities could lose your business many quality final expense leads. Because news of a successful and high quality business can spread easily, you should help spread it in any effective way possible. Not being interested in your business enough to make it part of your life and advertising it in an honest way with genuine care will not attract the many potential customers that it otherwise would enable you to attract. Speeches that come from the heart are more moving and interesting and thus would win you more clients.

Do not exaggerate and make your business seem more than it is. Let your work and the high quality of your services speak for the excellence of your business. Allowing interested customers to experience it for themselves would be the goal here. Customers that come to satisfaction on their own accord will be more grounded in their ideas and stay loyal to your business than those who would only purchase your products or services on the account of exaggerations made by you. They might not find the satisfaction you promised them and thus become disappointed with your products and services and spread negative comments about your business.

After your clients make purchases, do not proceed to forget about them. Checking on them and asking for feedback is a great tool to maintain some interest in their satisfaction with your products and services and finding ways to help them in areas they are not satisfied with. Helping them find the correct products or services that would help with areas that they are not satisfied with or need extra help with would raise their satisfaction and incline them towards spreading good word of your business and recommend it to others.

An effective way of attracting new customers and keeping them is offering promotions or special prizes to those that introduce and bring new clients for your business. This not only helps with your existing clients bringing new customers, but only encourages those new customers to bring in their own share of new clients, helping your business grow and expand on a much larger scale. These promotions or special prizes that are offered should therefore be interesting and desirable by many people. Otherwise, they would be of no use to your clients and thus the expansion expected would not be met.

Final Expense Insurance Sales Leads for Agents and Brokers

Here you will find information about final expense leads generation

Final Expense Insurance LeadsWhether you are new to the business of insurance or already established in it, whether you want to work as an independent agent or under an organization, advices offered by experienced and friendly web sites and forums will help you succeed in your field. As important as research and study are to beginners, they are just as important to someone who is already experienced in the business. This is due to many reasons, such as wanting to add a new insurance product to the ones you already sell, or wanting to try new methods of selling your products that would achieve higher results. In both cases, these advices are easy to learn and to put to use, so that not much time would be taken from you due to researching and studying the best techniques of selling insurance. In this way, you can go into the market as soon as possible and try the results for yourself.

Also, such web sites that offer the best help possible should be offering you many other things other than their own advices and forums. The best web sites are those that give you a way of communicating with others who have been in your place in the past so that their help can be recruited as well. They would also give you a way of contact using emails, useful blogs to read through, and even a trainer that would help you become more knowledgeable in using different methods for selling your products. If they also write articles and update their site regularly, giving links to all  previous articles and the highlights which would be the key articles to read through, then their web site would be even more useful to insurance agents.

However easy these advices may be, they would still require you to be hard working and put a lot of time into it, as well as take some risks. Regardless, knowing the best methods helps you sell more products at a higher price and thus receive more income. This could be especially helpful to those who have been suffering from dead-end jobs that do not pay well and are subject to high tax payments. The most important things to learn are how to be persuasive without turning aggressive, as that turns clients away, and knowing what products you are selling and from which companies. Since different companies have different policies, a client that you see may not meet the criteria for a certain company but may meet the criteria for another company. Knowing this, you would be able to offer them those products instead.

Best advices are those that teach you how to set up appointments by yourself and acquire the best leads, since as a newcomer you may not have the funds to hire a telemarketing company to do such things on your behalf. When talking to clients, it is important to remember how you would react to someone offering you the things that you are offering to your customers. Knowing which techniques would help get you on board would be useful seeing as they would help win over other clients as well. It all comes down to being able to communicate effectively with your clients and having the ability to reach out to them with your products, helping them see why it is the best course of action for them to acquire it from you.

Web sites that truly have your best interest in mind offer you courses to help you get ready for your insurance license exam. It is inevitable that some will have not passed the exam the first time that they sat for it. This is no reason to give up. The site will offer you the help you need to be ready enough to take it a second time and pass. This is the first step towards becoming a successful insurance agent. As the research behind learning all about the different companies and their policies and commissions takes a lot of time and effort to only gather, and then more time to study it all, the best web sites would give you a list of any and all such companies that pay the highest commissions and teach you all about their different policies instead of simply informing you of the necessity to learn these information.

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Life Insurance Advertising

Insurance is everywhere. Automobile Insurance, Home Insurance, Renters Insurance, Bike and Boat Insurance, Life Insurance and so many more.

Everybody around you is a prospect in one form or the other, looking to purchase some kind of insurance. Just as they are buyers in plenty, there will also be sellers and agents in plenty. What sets you apart from the other sellers from? How do you ensure that you get good business and appeal to potential buyers? How do you let attract customers? This is where advertising comes in. Brand advertising is required for just every kind of business and with the recent leaps of technology; it is required to be done online as much as locally.

I call it Brand because that’s what sells. Even if you are an independent insurance agent, it is very important to market your product or service as a brand. A brand sells. A little investment upfront to spice up your brand will go a long way in attracting business and stacking up positive leads. Hire expert graphic designers or advertising firms to see how you can develop your brand. You will even have the flexibility of designing your own logo that would be representative of your personality as well as your business. If you work with an existing insurance agency, then you should market the agency’s brand for better business.

Similarly, employ expert website designers and developers to set up a smart, interesting website for you.

These experts should be able to set up for an optimum SEO that aims to attract heavy traffic to your site, make sure that your website shows up through all major search engines and the like. Additionally, employing an expert copy writing professional would ensure that you have high quality content on your website. It is a buyer’s common mentality to thoroughly research a product before deciding to purchase it. Well done website will hold the interest of the customer and pique their curiosity just enough for them to want to call you for more information. Make sure your website is comprehensive enough to include products and service descriptions and lists all your contact information so it becomes easy for someone to call you.

Harness the power of social media networks to spread the word further. Register and promote yourself on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that could expose you to a whole new market. These would also help you network with other agents and give you visibility to topic-oriented target audiences that guarantees you a better rate of responses compared to blindly marketing to a huge audience.

Invest in promotional stationery like pens, calendars, coffee mugs or notepads which you can hand out to influential clients or helpful contacts who refer you to a larger network. You can even drop these at local establishments that attract a large customer base everyday like coffee shops, the library or county offices. Apart from promoting your business through use of materials, get involved in local community gatherings where you can meet more people and network more. The Chamber of Commerce in your county would be a good place to start! Network with other small business owners and see if you can mutually promote each other business! Organizing awareness events in a local cafe could help both your businesses! The cafe could start handing out advertisements or flyers with every cup of coffee starting a week before the event and with more people attending the event, coffee sales are bound to go up.

Publish! Publish! Publish!

Advertise your business in online publications as well as in local newspapers and magazines. Many publications have exclusive sections where you can promote your business. If money is a constraint, contact publications to find out about placing an advertisement in the Classifieds section. Advertising in the Classifieds is comparatively cheaper compared to buying advertising space. If money is not a constraint, then you can take it a step further by advertising on even local community channels on the radio or television!

Life insurance advertising is the most important part for insurance company, broker or agent, quality of life insurance advertising will depends on amount of money you can invest.

Life Settlements and Insurance Policy

If you have been contemplating different types of life insurance policies or inteLife Insurance Salesracting with insurance agents, chances are you must have heard of the term Life Settlements.

Life insurance settlements are basically transactions that a policy holder can have with certain third-party financial institutions, by which these institutions can buy the insurance policy and offer a settlement in return. In most cases, the settlement offered to the policy holder is more than the cash surrender value but less than the claim payout or death benefit that would have been handed over to be beneficiaries in the event of the policy holder’s demise. Life Settlements hence essentially convert your insurance policy into a valuable asset exchangeable for money.

Before Life Settlements came into existence, a policy holder wanting to cancel his insurance would not get any cash-value in return. If the policy were to lapse, at the end of term, even after making those premium payments, a policy holder would have had nothing to show in return.

Life Settlements can be hugely beneficial if a policy holder were to sell off his convertible term or temporary life insurance because this would in actuality, fetch his cash-value in return. Whereas, canceling a term life insurance or letting it lapse will not fetch him anything at the end of the term. Hence, for those policy holders who wish to cancel their insurance or do not feel the need for having an insurance policy anymore, the idea of getting a settlement in return for their policy is a very influential factor.

However, today financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and mutual funds offer competitive returns in order to purchase a policy holder’s life insurance plan. As expected, the cash-value offered in return for the policy does take many factors into consideration like the insured’s age, his health, the type of insurance policy, the insurance company’s industry rating and the number and total amount of pending premium payments. These make up the qualifying criteria. In order for a policy holder to sell his insurance he would need to satisfy the qualification criteria first. This makes the term insurance policies hold extremely high potential value until the time they get traded in.

Because of the potential value of term life insurance, it is important that when you decide to meet with insurance agents to purchase term life insurance, make sure you avoid brokers and agents who consider the insurance as simply a commodity and advise you to buy at the lowest rates possible. Remember that to draw more returns, there would be an initial investment. Make sure you go in for a term life insurance that gives you the flexibility of converting it whenever you want to. Because you might want to trade in your insurance for a settlement someday, even before you apply for insurance, find out until when your policy is convertible.  Policies that are convertible for the entire term of 10-30 years are considered ideal. A policy holder selling a life insurance over to a financial institution should be aware that, once sold, the policy is considered the asset of the institution which would make any further premium payments on the policy and then collect death benefits upon the demise of the policy holder.

Most people generally consider settlements if they do not want to continue a policy or make the premium payments, or in order to use the life settlements for healthcare or if the policy is set to lapse in a short or even if they are considering real estate purchases and need the settlement to fund part of the purchase. Usually policy holders over 65 years of age with a policy value of $250,000 and a policy that’s at least 2 years old will meet the qualification criteria for a Settlement.

However, one thing to keep in mind is, until and unless there is no way to continue making premium payments one shouldn’t consider trading in a life insurance for a Life Settlement if he has beneficiaries and/or dependents who would need the claim payout after the demise of the primary insurance policy holder. One must explore all options and only then make an educated decision.

Responsibilities of an Insurance Agent

Insurance Agents essentially are of two kinds.

Insurance Sales AgentsThe first, categorized as captive agents are those who work solely for a single insurance company. This is similar to an employee-employer relationship. In such cases, insurance agents work towards generating more prospects, improving insurance sales and helping grow the business.

On the other hands, insurance agents who work independently have the flexibility to work with several insurance companies. In order to get the best suited customized policy for their client, they can compare policies from different insurance agencies and recommend which one to go with. Thus, the client can breathe easy knowing that the insurance agent would recommend the best plan suited to his needs.

Some of the primarily responsibilities of an insurance agent would be to call up prospects and network with more people who could be potential customers. This would include cold calls as well. They would need to get an understanding of a prospect’s financials, his current investments, his financials requirements over the next few years, familial obligations towards beneficiaries and dependents, any existing coverage and such in order to recommend the best form of insurance policies. Insurance agents are required to be well-versed with all types of policies so that they can provide convincing and reasonable responses to any questions that come up during the course of the call. Many customers would also look to insurance agents to help them tailor make insurance policies to fit their needs. Some clients might also be willing to discuss their existing policies with the insurance agents in hope of receiving recommendations and/or suggestions regarding changes to the policies. Insurance agents should take this as an indication of trust, positive that it could lead to further business with the client.

An insurance agent’s responsibility does not end with a successful sale of an insurance policy.

Insurance agents would also be expected to help customers with settlement and/or claim payouts when the time comes. Finally, like any other profession, there would be a fair amount of administrative work too like keeping books, managing client records and such.

Property insurance, casualty insurance, health insurance, long term care and life insurance are some of the most common types of insurances that agents deal with. With the first two kinds, individuals and businesses can be protected against economic deficits arising due to accidents like fire or theft. Note that most insurances do not protect against accidents caused by nature like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions however some do carry clauses for protection against floods. It is very important that an insurance agent knows the terms and conditions, relevant factors and details of the contract in order to explain that in layman terms to a prospect. In case of businesses employing others, most insurances would also cover employee injuries, liability or cases of malpractice.

Health and long term care agents, as the name suggests, deal with policies related to medical, dental, assisted living, disabilities or senior care. Similarly, life insurance agents deal with insurance policies designed to payout claims or cash value against death benefit to the beneficiaries or dependents in the event of the primary holder’s death.

In the recent times, more and more insurance agents are gravitating towards working with clients around their entire set of financial investments, be it mutual investments and insurance policies, or selling annuities and retirement plans. Some agents even include real estate and mortgage planning as part of their portfolio.

Apart from the usual trend of agents approaching prospects, there are some educated clients who like to do their own research offline and then approach insurance companies or agents to purchase an insurance policy that they have decided on.

A key factor in order for an insurance agent to succeed at his job is to provide exceptional customer service. Happy customers are bound to bring in repeat business and are more likely to recommend a service to their own network thus helping the agent reach a wider target audience.