Recently we received an email from our CRM provider about free downloadable e-books written on the concept of revolution in social sales.

CRM stands for the Customer Relationship Management model, which among other industries, many insurance providers in the insurance industry also use to manage their customers better.

Receiving the email from the provider piqued our curiosity. Before we knew it, we were on our way to downloading the free e-book wanting to know more about it. At that point of time, all we were interested in learning about social sales and the so-called revolution. We were only interested in learning, we didn’t really want to talk to anybody about it or discuss the various aspects. We didn’t want to appear as leads to other agents. But, if you were to read the email we received just a few minutes after having downloaded the book, you would think that we were hot interested prospects.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We noticed that you have recently been browsing our website and looking at some information on the website. Many clients and customers who took the first time by browsing our website found it extremely helpful and valuable to actually set up a quick call instead. A quick call with me can help answer any questions you might have and you would also be able to easily learn more about our several products and services. You would be able to determine how our products and services can help bring value to whatever situations and circumstances you find yourself in. Having a call usually helps shorten the time taken to walk you through evaluation and also shortens our qualification cycle. It gives you all the information you need in a brief concise manner. Thus, armed with all the information you need, you would be able to make comparisons between different products or services. Having done that, you would also be able to make a quick decision about which product or service you eventually want to go with. What would be the best way to get ten minutes of your time in the near future?


December 14, 2014 · by insurance leads · in Sales Leads

This email struck us as odd. There are to be a major disconnect somewhere. All we had done was sign up for an interesting free e-book but somehow that had triggered a CRM discussion and put us right in the middle of it. About half an hour after the first email had arrived, the next email arrived. Apparently, since we had not sent out any immediate responses to their first email, it was obvious that they had decided to try again.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Thank you for showing interest in our website. We haven’t been able to contact you at 123 456 7890. Would you be able to provide us a better number that we can call you at? Please do let us know if it makes sense to have a quick call and talk about the various aspects of the product. We would be extremely happy to help you through the evaluation process on our website. However, if you believe that we do not need to connect on call, then please do let us know your response either way.

Just a couple minutes after the second email, we heard from the website owner company again. At this moment in time, they were starting to get into serious discussions with us. They wanted more information about the CRM models and systems we current use, the issues that we face with our current CRM systems, any challenges that we are currently facing as well as what our timelines are as far as taking decisions whether to switch to a different system or not. Unfortunately for many of us, many unscrupulous insurance provider companies are willing to set up automated systems for lead generating in this manner. They intentionally misconstrue individual’s intentions and end up bothering them.

Even if individuals do not express specific interest towards a product, they use alternate methods to establish contact and then try to convince them to take these connections to the next step.

We cannot believe that this would have been their final goal, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. Instead, designing strong campaigns for lead generation entails having a strong in-depth understanding and comprehension of your customers’ and prospects’ world. One should know what information a prospect requires in order to be able to make an informed decision. A good agent should try and increase the prospect’s interest and work on their commitment to change.

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