Direct Mailing marketing lists are often primarily responsible for the success or failure of a direct response marketing program.

  • Even with the most incredible services or products, even with the most attractive offer that you have ever made, even with award winning creativity, your direct marketing program could end up failing if you do not get your products and services in front of the right audiences. If you are able to pitch your products and services in front of the right people or if your products are put into the hands of the right people, then your direct marketing campaign can be a huge success. That is precisely why, you use to use our services for all your email list needs and direct mailing list needs. We provide extremely comprehensive, specialized, one stop compilations of mailing lists. We can provide these lists based on all kinds of requirements from responders, lifestyle based, interest based lists as well as lists based on activities and memberships and a whole host of requirements in between. We can provide you access to thousands of mailing lists based on your requirement.


  • We have different types of mailing lists.

One kind of list we provide is the consumer mailing list. This includes sales leads. We build you a mailing list based on the areas you want to mail out to, based on a geographical map. We use the Geo-Selector that involves coding technology. This precise technology can provide you with the most accurate lists possible. This kind of list is perfect for small business owners, realtor, etc. Using satellite imagery, you can also have a view of your neighborhood or the target audience market. Our technology provides you the ability to select areas like congressional districts, voting districts, school districts etc. depending on your need.

  • The other kind of mailing list we provide is the business mailing list. This also includes sales leads. With business mailing lists, you can build lists based on business type, geographical area and much more. We provide you with companies, names, addresses etc for businesses throughout the nation. We also include telephone number for these businesses wherever available, at no additional cost to you. Another type of list available is the new mover list. This can be built by defining geographies and demographics as well. You can also build a list based on the timing range of the move. These lists contain names and addresses for new movers throughout the nation. We update our database on a daily basis to only contain those details for individuals who have made a move recently. Another kind of list we provide is the new homeowners list.


This can also be built by defining geographies and demographics.

  • This list can also be built by defining timing range of the purchase of sale. These lists contain names and addresses of new homeowners throughout the nation. Depending on the type of the list, telephone numbers would be optional. Mail only lists would not include telephone numbers. On the other hand, mail with telemarketing lists as well as strictly telemarketing lists would include telephone numbers too. Another kind of mailing list we provide is the mortgage list. Homeowners who fetch in higher than average incomes, who have greater purchasing needs and also possess higher purchasing power as compared to renters’ figure on this list. We compile data related to homeowners based on details from public records, mortgage transaction data, property details collected from the tax files etc. Deed records update our mortgage database every month; this provides you with fresh and accurate lists.

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